Anyone playing Madden 2004 online?

I’m loving it… :D

I have the PC version and I just played a couple online games. Gone is the long bombs on 4th down. You have to punt on 4th or you will get burnt. The computer doesn’t make the stupid mistakes like it was prone to do in the past.

The lag has been there but overall my playtime is baby smooth. I just got done playing a game and the lag was non-existent. Of course I’m on cable and I have a fast computer.

I love the fact that it will tell you what formation your opponent is going to engage in, because in the past I’d setup for a punt return only to have the smack ass opponent throw a bomb on 4th and 30 and of course he’d get the first. Not anymore!

The only complaints are people disconnecting because there losing. Sore losers!!! I haven’t had that problem though, but I’ve only played 4 games.

So has anyone been online yet? Your impressions?

btw… Anyone see NBA Live yet? It’s looking like a must buy. Check out the 10 man freestyle and you’ll know what I mean.

Anyone playing Madden 2004 online?

Mike Vick (ba-dum tssh)

Can you play for free online?

Then again, how can you tell if someone disco’s or just has a bad connection or one that went south in a hurry? I’m always weary of people calling others cheaters/lamers/etc because of connection issues. Maybe Madden 2004 has crappy net code.

— Alan

Yes, Madden PC, like all of EASO PC titles, are free to play online this year.

Yes, Madden PC, like all of EASO PC titles, are free to play online this year.[/quote]

It is? Why did I see a 14 day trial notice then? After that it’s $6.00 a month. Am I wrong?