Anyone playing RoN?

I got my gold marketing copy today, probably way later than everyone else being as I’m in Europe, and I was wondering if any of you guys want to play it online? I’m in the UK, though, and so won’t be on much later than midnight GMT (7pm EST), so I’m hoping some of you will be wanting to play during the afternoon :D.

You can catch me on GameSpy as gx_farmer.

I… can’t… stop… playing. Conquer the World mode roXXors. :D

Damn you connected people, with your press and marketing copies of RoN! We mortals must wait another week and a half to play it. :(

Roma, the largest empire in Europe at the time fell to the English in a single turn. Terrified of the British Scourge, the Germans and Spanish declared war immediately, only to be swept away by the British King’s cunning Bonus Card play. Europe now belonged to the British Empire, and the longbowmen of the Isles turned their attentions westward…to the New World.

I love this game.


What is RoN? I don’t mean “what is the game like”, I mean “what the fuck does that stand for?” Thanks.

Ron is Tom’s houseboy. I could make some really bad Shoot Club reference here but I will abstain. :)

– Xaroc

Mmmmm…nice to hear that people are enjoying Rise of Nations so much. Bring on the demo Brian!!

I tried playing earlier today, but my connection and the end-game…ah…didn’t go together that well ;-) It is a great game though.

Downloading the GameSpy subscriber exclusive demo right now. I’ve been looking forward to this one for a loooong time.

I am so not looking forward to playing this game multiplayer on anything less than broadband. I’m sure all the insider types have broadband, but has anyone played it on dial-up? Does it at least make an attempt to not suck up all the bandwidth and spit it back in your face?

I might just have to get broadband for this game. I think I’m with AIM, who needs food when there is entertainment to be had?

I generally find RTS games are the most forgiving for the bandwidth restricted. I played many online games with my old 56k, and found I was only really comfortable with RTS, although TBS games were obviously fine. I’ve got 1mb broadband now, so I can’t say specifically whether RoN plays ok or not, but I’ve not heard any complaints from the beta testers, so I imagine it is just as good as AoC, which was perfectly acceptable.

Is the MP for this game going to be on the Zone?

nope. gamespy.

It actually has an in-game system that runs on top of gamespy, so it has extra features, like rated games.

The demo is up now–

Thanks for the heads up, Shady. Downloading it now!


This is a rather slow download.

I’m downloading the demo now, and it’s saturating my DSL connection at 122 KB/s. If there’s a bottleneck, it isn’t at Microsoft’s end. :D

You must play the demo! It’s amazing… I can’t stop playing. I’m playing right now, in my head… damn computer that beats me every time on Moderate!

369K/sec… Plenty fast. Damn, that means I only have 8 minutes to finish writing this article!