Anyone playing the TIVO games?

Last week or so TIVO got an update. It included all kinds of junk but amongst the pile were a couple games. One is like connect four but with a pirate theme, don’t know why. But the one that my woman and I have been playing is called the same game. We haven’t played it much. It’s more of a curiosity but this evening we were playing, seeing who could get the highest score. I mentioned that it was ironic that we were playing this “lame” TIVO game while my XBOX and PS sat dormant. Anyone else tried these out? Anyone think that TIVO is making it’s first baby steps into interactive entertainment as part of a long term strategy? I wouldn’t be suprised if they are tracking who plays these games and how often.

I doubt it. My old crappy Samsung satellite box had games, too, but I never figured out why.

Yeah, all the Philips Streamiums has games as well and so does the PVRs from KISS (now owned by Linksys) - crap!

But of course, since Microsoft wants people to get rid of TiVo in favour of an XBox and A Media Center PC, it makes sense that TiVo wants to add some Live Arcade-like stuff.
Since we don’t have TiVo here, but just other PVRs without the epg, I’d consider going the Windows MCE route, but not playing games on my PVR:

The “Same Game” is a game that has been released with a log of PocketPC devices for a while now apparently. I play it all the time on my iPaq. It’s fun, but not on the TiVo if you asked me…too slow.