Anyone playing Tron 2.0?

I just picked this one up today, without trying out the demo, because I like the whole computer-verse setting and art style. So far, it’s been pretty cool - more or less standard FPS with slick Tron presentation. YMMV, but I like the little things, like downloading “permissions” as keys, or sifting through “core dumps” left by destroyed enemies, or getting “corrupted” by damage and having to defrag your memory to load in certain programs.

The game has a Deus Ex or Jedi Knight-style feel to it, in that it has RPG elements in the way you upgrade your abilities and decide which programs to upgrade from beta to alpha to gold (each upgrade makes the program more effective and optimizes the program to take up less space in memory). Because your program memory is finite, you’ll definitely have to make some decisions on what programs to load resident - Fuzzy Signature decreases your movement noise, allowing you to avoid detection; Y-Amp increases your jump height; Profiler allows you to see enemy health, armor, and items carried, to name just a few.

Light cycles is more fun than I thought it would be, and I’m surprised that there’s a separate Light-Cycles-only game included in Tron 2.0. I can understand the reason for no online multiplayer, as I can imagine the slightest bit of lag could easily ruin the light cycle experience.

Of course, these are my impressions after about 3 hours of play time, so we’ll see how favorably the game holds up as I progress further.

I’m on the level with the de-rezzing field, so far it’s extremely annoying but I really like hte game so far. The byte is pretty funny.

— Alan

First “real” boss. Very fucking hard. And not in the “cool man I gotta figure out some stuff to get this guy!” way, but in the “oh look, he has completely restored his health and come back for more again” way. Don’t use your weakest weapons on this guy, and a profiler helps to see how much health he has left.

So anyways, who told Monolith that jumping puzzles were cool again? My god.

I like the sound of the skill system, but my major concern is…does it matter? Does the “fuzzy-signature” ability, with it’s connotations of stealth gameplay, actually mean that I can sneak my way through many situations, and either avoid or gain the upperhand on enemies? Or is it gonna be one of those games where you’re pretty much shooting yourself in the foot, unless you build your skills around a tank character?

What, are they actively trying to dissuade me from getting the game? Next you’re going to tell me the game doesn’t allow mid-level saves… :roll:

  • Alan

Oh it does have those, but they do have some bit of jumping - it’s actually harder to do short jumps if you have the Y-amp pegged up to gold.

The exploding balls thrown by the corrupted programs suck big time - not to mention they start corrupting your shit. God that is annoying, and being faced with the de-rez field… holy crap. Finally made it out with a bit of health left. I gave up trying to kill the ones in my way and just ran past 'em all.

Oh great… boss levels. No doubt that there are cool aspects to this game (and I like the feel), and Mercury has big tits, but come on… BOSS creatures with insta-heal? Ugh. Then again, it’s a video game about video games (kinda). Oh well…

— Alan

Some of them are questionable but most are really useful. For example, fuzzy signature is decent: it is easier to get closer to guards in general before they attack you, sneaking or not. I recommend gold power-block big time.

You don’t have to be a tank, in fact I have built my skills (Garrett/Tobias Reaper style) as high utility, medium armors, lowest on weapons. I hardly ever load any of the weapons into memory except the exploding disc. I could easily see a tank character who puts all version upgrades into energy and weapon_efficiency while upgrading weapons and armor alone.

Haha, no it has mid-level saves. In fact, brief aside here, possibly the best “load” screen ever displaying quick, auto, and manual saves with their dates and times all on one page. Nice. And the jumping puzzles aren’t too bad since they aren’t entire levels or anything. Some of them are on those floating crates :!: which lead to archive boxes and other things you don’t technically need. But still some are areas you have to go through.

Annoyingly hard. Yes. The worst part of jumping is missing. You don’t have to fall but 10 feet or so (to scale) and you’re taking severe falling damage.

Yeah me too man. I checked all the archive boxes and stuff, nothing worth getting so don’t feel too bad. :)

Well it isn’t that he insta-healed, he just did that “fade away for a moment while a wave of retards comes at you then come back again” thing. He kept all the damage I had done to him.

I like this game. Of course, I’m a serious TRON fanboy. I even have the stand up arcade game at home (no not a ROM running on an emulator, the big wooden thing that eats quarters). AND I’m a Lithtech fanboy (since Blood 1). So everyone better just back the hell up. Heheh. Oh, also game looks gorgeous on full detail with a Radeon 9500 Pro w/128 so don’t let that NVidia logo fool the ATI fans here.

I just noticed I replied to two Alans in this thread. In the spirit of TRON, I should call Mr. Au “Alan One” (TRON’s user from the movie) and Mr. Dunkin “Alan Two” (from the game). Nice. Wheee!!!

:P :lol: :P :lol: :P :lol: :P :lol: :P :lol: :P :lol: :P :lol: :P :lol:

Yeah. Funny.

I will kill you.

— Alan

Just beat the game. Good final boss, I thought. Found 98/100 build upgrades so finished as Jet v9.7.4 which I guess is cool.

I think most people here would like to think that game play has evolved past the need to have a jumping puzzle in a game - espcially First Person Shooters where they don’t belong at all.

Is it bad that I was saying loudly to my friends “LOOK, MORE GODDAM JUMPING PUZZLES” when watching the latest Tomb Raider movie?

When you’re using a gamepad in a 2D environment where you can jump up, left, or right, jumping puzzles are fine. When you switch to 3D and now you have to make all kinds of angled jumps, it becomes more problematic (at least for me). When you switch from a gamepad with it’s easy-to-mash buttons to a keyboard, jumping becomes even more difficult and frustrating. I wish they’d leave the jumping for console titles.

One of my full save games (i.e. not autosave or quick save) is called “such and such level FUCKING JUMPING PUZZLE”. It gets frustrating. Moreso when the result of a miss is insta-death.

There are parts where you have to jump to get someplace and if you miss you die. Well no big deal; I mean it sucks but it isn’t a jumping “puzzle”. I see a jumping “puzzle” as some timing, moving platform, insta-death, thin-rail-landing-on bullshit. It happens twice in the game that I can remember.

Once the designers even make fun of themselves for putting it in, a bit of code comes up on-screen (as happens throughout the game) saying something like: if ( jump_puzzle ?= fun ) or whatever. I mean how is that not almost offensively retarded? The designer sees the gheyness and not only leaves it in but puts up a little note acknowledging it? :?

Believe it or not, there are actually very few “jumping puzzles” in Tron 2.0. There are some boxes to jump on and up to if you want to really explore and get all the optional stuff. But for the most part you really hardly ever need to jump and land on anything small or difficult to get where you need to go.

A good example is that part after the overclocking where you need to like release the heat in 150 seconds or something like that, and there’s all these rising and falling platforms. I believe that’s where the code string comes up that’s like “if (jumping puzzle) then != fun” or whatever. In reality, you can simply wait and walk from one platform to the next, no real jumping involved. you have to make like, one jump in that whole sequence.

I played (and reviewed in an upcoming CGM) Tron 2.0 and I really had a great time with it. It certainly is NOT easy, though. It’s a pretty hardcore FPS and it takes some getting used to, especially learning to use the disc for defense. Once you master blocking and upgrade your defensive routines the fights become a lot easier, but it’s still a challenge.

I mean how is that not almost offensively retarded? The designer sees the gheyness and not only leaves it in but puts up a little note acknowledging it?

Game companies are not monolithic hive mind entities.

The game sounds great. Does it have a good story, good music, fx, etc. ?

Do they have a demo of this besides the Light cycle demo? I mean, the light cycles seem neat and all, but I’d like to get a feel for the RPG/action elements before I make a decision to have this be the only game I buy for the next 3 months.

I was at Best Buy today during my lunch break to grab a copy of the Two Towers and noticed they have Tron 2 for $40 this week. Damn near bought a copy but some of the complaints I’d read in this thread yesterday put me off until I read a few in-depth reviews of the game.

Aside from Monolith?

I dig Tron 2.0 pretty much, except for the whole boss/jumping thing.

— Alan

TRON 2.0 is a great game and worth $40. And it is gorgeous (video and sound).

Yes there are only a couple jumping puzzles. The one JC mentioned above is the big one (although I didn’t make it in time just doing the “walk between platforms” bit) and one sequence where you have to throw three switches in this big round chamber and the way to and from them is one of those “floor 1 turns off while floor 2 turns on” bits. Also there is a really annoying one when you are aligning the ocular lenses.

There are also a few parts where you have to get a permission from an archive and it is placed not so much in a jumping puzzle fashion as a “controlled fall onto the next lower box” fashion.

The boss fights aren’t too bad. I beat all of the bosses (except the first seeker worm) first time on normal difficulty.

My only complaint is a nit-picky fanboy thing. In the movie, the whole part from when Flynn was digitized in until he destroys the MCP lasts about five to eight seconds of “real time”. In the game both “times” run concurrently. It makes the story flow better but I’m going to pick that nit anyways.