Anyone recognize this movie?

Seen many years ago, now I’m going nuts trying to remember it.

I would have sworn it was Elvis Presley, but I am apparently wrong about that. I think it is a war movie.

The scene I have stuck in my head is at the end of the film. The (main?) character is stumbling (drunk?) along a road, and then falls into a ditch beside the road, and is slowly covered with the falling snow and I presume dies. In my head I see him as wearing a military uniform (green).

But this was probably 40 years ago, so take any or all of that with a grain of salt. Maybe Sinatra? I’m pretty sure its not “From Here to Eternity.”

Anyone recognize that scene?

You’d have better luck trying here:

There really is a subreddit for everything, LOL.

But…but…you guys are my go-to Hivemind!

Wait’ll you see /r/tipofmypenis!

Yeah. Not gonna check, because odds are it exists. Even if you’re joking ;)

On a (much, much) lighter and SFW note, spend two minutes in, a tiny subreddit that sprung up last week. Dogs getting dogs as gifts :)

That’s fucking adorable.

And yeah, TOMP is basically TOMT for porn, IIRC.

The action happens around the 2:00 mark…he’s not drunk and not in the military but this is close!

It’s not a war movie, but there’s a falling-in-the-snow bit in McCabe and Mrs. Miller as I recall…