Anyone remember a World Series of Poker game?

There used to be a game simulating the World Series of Poker. It had basic graphics, but extremely good and realistic AI and you had to get the $10,000 entry fee (there were numerous ways, including the satellite tournaments that would give you an entry if you won it.) It had the full range of tables, and you tried to survive to the final table and of course to win the bracelet. Once you finished, you flew on a plane back home, with whatever winnings you had, and you could try all over again.

Anyone know where this game is? One way to know it, you could go into a pawn shop. All the WSOP games I see now, both on computer and iOS, seem to be all about online play and splashy graphics.

LOL I thought this was yet another Old World thread!

I hope you find out what it was because it sounds cool.

I remember – and played – one back in the Apple IIe/MS-DOS days. But that may be more prehistoric than you’re looking for.

Poker Academy games used to do that.
You can still buy the physical game here, although it had a bunch of online components if I remember, so I wonder how that’d fare.

Finding even a screenshot of it is tough nowadays, wow.


The big selling point of those games were the configurable thinkings of the opponents. There was a wide variety to begin with, and you could add your own. It also had a bunch of statistics as expected.

My mind immediately went to the ‘Old World’ of Warhammer Fantasy. So I was thinking a WF-version of poker tournaments ala Blood Bowl/Football. That would be whack.

Poker Night at the Skavenblight.

Did you play it on PC? Xbox? PS2?

It was on the PC. The developer/programmer was a serious poker player (not famous) and really focused on providing a WSOP experience (all AI, no online.) You could play the standard No Limit Holdem tournament or several variations. You started at home and it had very basic graphics. It showed you on the plane flying to Vegas and getting off. Once in Vegas you could walk to a pawn shop and pawn off various items to try to raise the $10,000 needed for the entry fee. You would play the entry fee satellites to try to win a ticket to the tournament. Or you could play other poker games and try to win enough. It kept a record of your play and earnings. It was basically a WSOP role playing game. No pictures of faces at the table just names as I recall. I think I reviewed it years ago for one of the magazines.

It wasn’t Ken Uston, was it? I remember he had a pretty serious blackjack game designed to teach card counting.

I remember that one; no it wasn’t him. I cannot believe I can’t find this game in any Google search. It was very popular and the poker community talked about it. For example, there was a tip that you could click on something in the pawn shop (again, very rudimentary 2D graphics) to pick up you could sell for good money. But the heart of the game was the full WSOP experience and trying to make it to the final table against the AI. It started with Benny Binion’s announcement to shuffle up and play (back then the WSOP was played at Binnion’s Horseshoe.)

I was just riffing on the post above mine.

Actually I was replying to the Ken Uston replay. ;)

Found it!!!

Installed and playing. It’s from 1996! LOL! But still a lot of fun getting into the tournament (you start with $5000 and need $10,000 to get into the actual WSOP, best way is to win a satellite) and seeing how far you can go. When you get knocked out you keep any winnings; it’s actually a “career” game.

Oh, that’s very tempting!

Be aware it’s VERY old windows looking. Old school arcade side shooter looking as you walk around. Also it’s more “realistic” in the poker play itself in terms of things such as, when you fold, you don’t get to keep looking at your cards when the rest of the table plays, etc. No other player cute animations, no 3D anything.

But it’s the only game I know today where you can play getting the money/entry chip into the WSOP, entering, then trying to play and hang on through all the tables and get to the final table and get the bracelet. Which is hard, as it should be. If you just make it through enough to earn enough money to come back and play the next one, you’ll be doing well. Also has lot of poker side games of different types, plus the satellite where you pay $2000 to enter and if you win the table, you get your $10,000 WSOP entry chip.

Very tempting, indeed. $17, though. Kinda steep for such an oldie!

Oh, I got it for $7. Hang on…

Both sites actually sound sketchy, and like they are selling unauthorized copies :-/

There is a CD dump on, which is interesting as it seems to come with the old Macintosh installer (and I have old macintosh ^-^).