Anyone remember the name of this movie?


In the weekend, I was trying to remember the name of a movie I had seen. It is pretty recent, having come out sometime in the last four years or so.

The premise is that somebody has inherited a house. But the house is actually an elaborate trap with ghosts and so forth inside. I think it was made out of glass, or at least the outer walls were. The person who inherits the house enters it with some other people and it traps them inside. Then it kills them off one by one and perhaps the end result is that the original owner is supposed to be brought back by all this.

Anyone remember the name?


Sounds sort of like Thirteen Ghosts.

Brilliant, that’s it.

Thanks Anders.

Tsk. You mean Thir13een Ghosts. Or some bullshit like that.

The original was better.

… only if you have the Illusion-O Viewer which lets you screen out the ghosts if they’re too scary :)