Anyone sell stuff on Amazon?

Thinking of putting some of the hardcovers that I’ll never read again up for sale on Amazon.

The marketplace idea seems good, and I’ve had good luck buying stuff from folks there.

But I’m curious about packaging. How do you guys package your books, so that you don’t end up blowing half your profits on boxes/materials? Any sources of cheap padded envelopes, etc?

Do you think you would get more money than Ebay?

Have you looked at the used book offerings at Amazon? I don’t know about the US but I’d never try selling anything through the German Amazon website because it’s dominated by professional retailers who sell mint quality goods at something like a third of the original price. Much better prices on eBay.

I don’t see a lot of book traffic on eBay – and if they’re just regular books (aviation books, sci-fi, etc.) rather than collectibles, it seems you’re far more likely to find someone looking for that specific title on Amazon.

I’ve sold (and bought) a lot of stuff on Amazon Marketplace. I’ve never had any problems. The chief advantage of Amazon over eBay is that it’s really easy --just fire and forget, basically. You pick a price and put the item up for sale without worrying about shipping. If it sells for that price, you automatically get paid (minus fees) at the point of purchase and you just ship it off. If it doesn’t sell after some period of time (30 days I think?) it’s de-listed and you can either forget about it or relist. You can go in at any time and change the price or description.

Contrast this with eBay. Unless you do “buy it now,” you put the item up and have to figure out a starting bid and hope that someone bids on it enough to drive it up to a fair price. When it does sell, you have to wait for payment (probably through PayPal), which may or may not come quickly or at all. Then you ship the item out. Auctions last a week at max without incurring additional fees, and if the book doesn’t sell you have to re-list and pay additional fees. You can’t change prices or most parts of the description once someone has bid on an item. The advantage, though, is that for books that sell you can probably make more money on eBay, especially if you squeeze out another buck or two on shipping costs.

In short, Amazon is quicker and easier. But honestly I’ve made more money off eBay. Especially with video games, which don’t seem to sell very well on Amazon.

Amazon’s Marketplace was where I’ve gotten rid of most of my old RPG books. I’m sure I could have gotten more out of eBay, but the ease of use was the bigger draw to me as it was for others here.

One thing to remember is to send everything as “Media Mail”, which cuts down on shipping costs considerably.

It’s a very good place to buy stuff, especially from the high-star sellers. Very, very easy - they make it as automated as possible. A seller (for books) generally loses around 10-15% of the overall take (which includes shipping) I believe through Amazon fees and shipping costs mismatches (Amazon sets the rates, the rest eats into your going price).

— Alan

I’ve bought and sold some stuff from them. Only problem is that I wanted to sell some newer games and they wouldn’t let me until my rating improved, which I don’t think anyone who bought from me filled out.

“One Click Purchase” is evil…