Anyone tried Parsec for local co-op online?


I swear, I’m not a viral marketer.

Saw this linked on a Steam review of Wizards of Legend:


This is cool and all but I would love a service that did the reverse!


I’ve been using Parsec for a while now with my friend to play local multiplayer games. He’s in California, I’m in Nebraska, and we get very playable lag conditions, even playing twitch games like Samurai Gunn.

I think your mileage may vary depending on god knows what. I tried a 4 player game of VIDEOBALL with 2 people from US and 2 people from Canada and it wasn’t very good. However my friend reports he can play just fine cali > UK.

Having the ability to play the vast library of local multiplayer games is really nice. It also does a good job of making things work like controllers. When I first started using it it was a bit risky because the other people could control your mouse/keyboard, but now there is an option to limit remote input to a controller on a single application.


I wonder if this would work for Overcooked.


Oh wow, thanks for sharing this.

If this works, our gaming just got a lot more interesting.


Parsec works very well. We use it for a friend on an older laptop, and it allows him to run any game via an AWS G3 instance. I have tested in US East, US West and Australia, works fine everywhere.


Ah, man. This is like the Kali for the new millennium, that is really cool!


I am worried at how they can make money to sustain themselves




Lies. Thought for sure there were only 2 QT3’ers in NE.


I wanted to weigh in and just say that this piece of software was miraculous last night and so simple to get up and running and working properly. Thanks @rei!

I managed to play Overcooked with a friend in the south of England and all the way over in LA. My fellow Brit had practically no controller lag while my US friend had a little. Video quality I heard was good even on ‘Lowest Latency’ mode and from what I could tell the video lag was solid overall. I’m just really, really damn impressed that it just worked, right out of the box. A few clicks of some icons and you could give control to your friends via controller, mouse and keyboard. There’s a built-in friends list and accepting requests and joining computers is effortless.

This has got me thinking about joint playing adventure games, going over mechanics and the UI together with my friends on more complex games like Endless Legend and Sumer, spectating in real-time, even letting them play the odd game I own that they don’t to see if they might consider picking it up (rather than going through the whole Steam process). It’s about as close to inviting your friends round as you can get without actually having them right next to you. You could technically watch stuff together too.

Now to remember all those local multiplayer only games I’d written off…

First: Scorched Earth.




The first thing my friend did when I gave him remote access was fire up my browser and type in ‘nasty porn for Gregg’. It was expected to be fair. His actions. Not the porn. Good job Duck Duck Go gave him nothing.


You say that as if something other Duck Duck Go might… (I’m not trying…)


Haha, yeah, you’re probably right. I only started using it recently but it seems stricter. I suppose I just don’t trust search engines to keep everything unsafe out!