Anyone tried the Big Fish Game Club?

Anyone tried this? All the peggle talk has me wanting to check it out, but I’m a tightwad and always go looking for deals. This seems to be a pretty good one. You commit to a minimum number of “game credits” at a specific price (i.e. 3 @ 9.99 or 6 @ 7.99) over the next N months (3,6,12,etc…) And then as I understand it you can pick any of the games they offer there for one of the credits you get at that price. So for $30 I could get peggle and two other games they had that I liked, which seems like a tremendous deal. So good, in fact, that I’m wondering what the catch is. Anyone tried it?

I use it, and have been very pleased with it.

The biggest bonus is that it allows multiple unlocks with the purchase, so I can put the games on my home pc, work pcs, and laptop, with minimal fuss.

Ah… was going to ask about that. Is there a limit to the number of unlocks you get?


Blast you, minimum number of characters!


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I did. Its a decent deal BUT how it actually works wasn’t made that clear, at least to me up front.

Basically you pick a commitment level of how many months you will let them charge you that rate EACH MONTH and, assumably would have to pay a penalty accordingly if you tried to end it earlier (your rate x remaining months). I’m ASSUMING if you ended the subscription early but had already bought more than the minimum amount of games, you could end it without penalty. To Big Fish’s credit, they processed my eventual cancellation quite quickly w/o any hassle and with each charge of your credit card you are getting a free game credit which you can use even AFTER you end your subscription.

So it doesn’t matter how many games you buy in the meantime at the special rate, you will still get automatically charged that rate each month until you cancel the service.

Snazzy AND Jazzy, thanks!

Jesus there are a lot of fucking bejeweled and zuma clones.

Any of you people have suggestions for stuff that’d actually be wroth it?

So far I’ve found:


Err… that’s it. Any other unique games of interest out there that aren’t just the 50th generation clone of something Popcap or 30 year old arcade machines (Pac-Man, Galaga, Qix, Root Beer Tapper) already did?

I may be biased, but I love Insaniquarium. It’s an great mix of strategy and hectic clicking.

Stuff I’ve purchased from there:

Tradewind Legends
All Mystery Case Files games
Fairygodmother Tycoon
Virtual Villagers 2

Oasis doesn’t seem to be there any longer. That would have at least rounded out the three month pack. :/

Tradewind Legends seems superfluous to me since I have Pirates.

Will check out Fairygodmother Tycoon; the mystery case file games just don’t do it for me though. :/

Hey cool! Thanks!

Is there a search feature somewhere I’m missing?

Alright… I’m not going made… it lists it as a puzzle game but if I go to puzzle games and scan the alphabetical list it’s not there.

Snaky Jake and Master of Defense are both worth checking out.

I usually google the game title and see if it pops up on any listing with the big fish moniker. For some reason, Oasis isn’t listed anywhere on their site - the google method is the only one I’ve seen to be able to find it.

I hear Fish Tycoon is really fun too. Seriously.

masters of defence is indeed cool. (I’m BRITISH)
Its the last ‘indie’ game I bought I think, although i bought it direct from the developers. Naturally the game at BFG which is made by me is excellent :D