Anyone tried the Vietcong demo?

I was quite looking forward to this, based on the screenshots and listening to the lengths to which the developers had apparently gone in order to recreate the right atmosphere and realism. To that extent, I think they have done well, for the graphics are very nice and the feeling of claustrophobia in the foilage is strong. What I am surprised about is how elementary bugs have been allowed in the demo, and the poverty of the net-code. I can’t believe they didn’t spot the bug that caused people to spawn in the exact same spot, and force them to drop a grenade down their pants in order to escape for a re-spawn. The net-code meant that there were people racing past me at lightning speeds, no doubt their server avatar catching up with their client one, or stuck in the same place for ever. During my last game there must have been 5-6 stationary dummies that I could fill with lead, and never get any reaction other than blood spurts. On a couple of occasions I fired my colt point blank into someone’s face, only for them to knife me to death.

Still, I think it has a lot of potential, which, as usual, makes the bugs all the more annoying.

I liked the foliage, but the game play was a let down. It just didn’t feel fun. The fact that people just dissappear when they die also left a bad taste in my mouth.

I played it for like an hour and uninstalled it. It is games like this that cause 95% of all games developed, to lose money. And yet, some people wonder why. You come this close and blow it at the finishing line.

The atmosphere was ok.

I’ll bet Take Two picked up this one for pennies on the dime and don’t care much about it. From what I can tell, it needs at least another year of polishing.

/me still waiting for the BF1942 add-on

We kicked this one around in the office for a couple of hours yesterday. It was kind of fun, and it feels like they’ve done a pretty good job with the weapon balance, but the game (at least the multiplayer demo level we were playing on) is built for camping. There’s not nearly enough feedback about where you’re getting shot at from, and the “nooks” that are all over the place are often out of reach of the wimpy grenade throws.

The thing that worries me about the final release, though, is the reliance on foliage for blocking line of sight. If the AI’s can see through it (as they usually have to due to processing time limits), the single player is going to be frustration city.

My opinion: destined for a bargain bin near you.


Good point, nothing more annoying than an AI that can see you when you can’t see them.

I played the demo last night. I agree with the criticisms above, but after reading a bit about the single player game, which is supposed to have interesting squad members to play alongside of during the campaign, I couldn’t help but think that this should be the future of the Jagged Alliance series. If the designers could link 40 of the multiplayer size maps together in the shape of an island, and then come up with 30 mercs to choose between, that would be a great gaming experience.