Anyone tried Zoo Tycoon 2 yet?

Curious if anyone got this. If it’s more challenging than the first, and looks good I might pick it up.

It is better than Mall Tycoon, but not as good as Cruise Ship Tycoon. It is really a lot like Restaurant Tycoon mixed a bit with some of the features of Pizza Tycoon and Health & Fitness Club Tycoon but without all of the problems of Trailer Park Tycoon and National Lampoon’s University Tycoon. From what I heard, the people behind Ultimate Skate Park Tycoon actually worked on it too, but I wouldn’t be put off by that, because they worked on Mall of America Tycoon too and that turned out okay.

If I wasn’t a gamer I’d think you were serious :)

I actually think it looks pretty fun!

Haha, great post G-man.


I saw this next to Mall Tycoon 2 and thought I had fallen into some Penny Arcade cartoon. All the shelf space taken up by so little innovation. If they are selling and the company’s are making money, more power to 'em…I think.

Of course, Konung 2 and Takeda 2 and multiple other lackluster RTS-ish games are coming out. What is the deal!! All I want is a sequel to a good series (Jagged Alliance, HoMM, Why is that so difficult?!?

Anyway, hmmm, Zoo Tycoon 2, I am intrigued.

Takeda 2 looks sweet, if nothing else. Anyway, my favorite Tycoon game has got to be Atlantis Tycoon or whatever it’s called. Whoever came up with that one deserves some kind of award.

Mall of America Tycoon is a real game??? I thought G-Man was making it up!

You’d think so. But, there it is.