Anyone Trying Final Fantasy XI?

The US PC release is on the 28th. Wife and I are dropping DAoC for various reasons and hoping that we can have a bit more fun in FFXI. If anyone else here is interested in playing, maybe we can hook up and start whatever passes for a player guild there. I just wanted to put out feelers for interest beforehand, because unlike most MMO games, you don’t get to choose a server at creation - you are randomly placed, unless an active player gives you a sort of invitation code to use at character creation that lets you join them on their server.

I’m going to pick it up, despite serious reservations like the “1 character per account unless you pay more” thing, or the fact that you have to buy an item to invite a friend onto your server. Still, it’s been awhile since I’ve given in to a nice MMORPG.

I have mine pre-ordered. Downloaded the new Benchmark which also included as non-interactive “demo”. The graphics look really good. I have done no research on this title at all except for downloading the benchmark, so I am hoping I will be pleasantly surprised.

The only problem I see is that there will be no US servers, just the ones the Japanese use. It’s hard enough dealing with other people in MMORPGs, I don’t need to have a language barrier on top of that.

This true? If so, that’s really short-sighted of Square.

Wow. If that’s true, I’ll be waiting to plunk down my money until I hear some good things about the speed. Is there a quick translation tool, ala Phantasy Star Online?

Behold the vault boards:

Couple of other points:

  1. You can’t choose what server you start on. You are randomly assigned one at character creation.

  2. The only way to create a new character on a certain server is to get a friend to buy a world pass. This varies in price on the percent full the server is.

So if friends want to play together one first has to join then buy a pass so they can invite the others or else they could be seperated?

Boy Square is sure doing all they can to make the game as accessible as possible to people here. :roll:

Yep, and since it scales with how many people are on a server, the fact they aren’t creating new servers makes it that much more expensive to do so.

Sheesh. I was seriously thinking about picking this up, as was one of my friends; if it’s going to be that much of a hassle to be able to play on the same server, then never mind.

I imagine that they’ve set things up that way to even the load amongst their servers; however, I don’t care – that shouldn’t be my problem.

Can’t help but wonder what other wonderful anti-community, anti-fun features are designed in.

Oh well, back to waiting for WoW. (please, Blizzard, don’t blow it!)

Wow, I was going to post here and see if anyone else was going to play and see if we can hook up. I may still buy it for research work, but that’s totally friggin’ ridiculous.

I’ll post the server I’m on whenever I get it, let’s do the same… if someone wants to buy a friggin pass that’d be cool, but don’t worry about it.

God that’s stupid.

— Alan

If one of the strongest draws of MMORPGs is social interaction, Square has done a great job of stifling it. Wow, I am still kind of in shock about the whole “you can’t pick your server” thing. :shock: Incredibly dumb.

Did people in Japan bitch about this, too?

There was probably only like one server in Japan.

Besides, they’re used to having being nickel & dimed (I guessed “Yen’d” would be the proper term) so maybe having to pay extra for a “service” isn’t too much of a bother.

— Alan

um, they said that they were in fact creating new servers with the US launch to meet pre-sell demand.

Also, any text typed by any player in any language the game supports can be translated…obvoiusly a lot of the slang lingo will be tricky there, but its still an awesome way to allow people to communicate and to facilitate a worldwide community.


Will try to get in touch with you once I get the game and get online. Keep tuned to this thread…

— Alan

Someone may have posted this already, but check this out:

Live webcam of Vana’diel

Wow, I better not let Joaen see that… that game is utterly beautiful. Puts a tear in your eye, sorta.

However, the server issues (no american ones?) and the ignorant world-pass stuff keep my from doing anything but wishing. Maybe in 6 months or so I’ll get weak.

Now, a roving webcam in a game… gosh, that’s uber. Why has nobody done that before?

Edit - brief conversation with someone who was in the beta… apparently there ARE usa servers now. Also when creating a character, the game presents you with a world and you hit “accept”… if you don’t hit accept it presents another world. So, you can just keep saying “no” until you get on the server you want apparently.

US servers will be created. Likely most of us will be placed on them to help balance out population density. (They randomize initial selection for that reason I believe)

If you have a friend, or a spouse, or a cousin, or a fellow forum geek that you would like to meet and play, there are ways to switch servers and do that. (Yea the world pass sounds like a chore, but cmon now…it gives you what you want)

The Playonline frontend contains an e-mail and message database to keep in contact with anyone and everyone you would know that possibly owns the game.

I personnally can’t wait to try this out.

that roving webcam is cool!