Anyone up for more Matrix movies?

Anyone? Anyone? Hello, is this thing on?

Oh good, and they’ve been talking to Cameron about the merits of 3D. FFS…

Is there some kind of bubble that every producer in Hollywood gets awarded after they release their first major motion picture that prevents them from hearing the constant complaints of their target audience? More Matrix at this point would be like George Lucas making another Star Wars movie. I just watched the Rifftrax of the third movie recently and it got even worse than I remembered it being.

I mean, it’s not like it’s impossible to make a decent Matrix movie at this point. You make it a side story set in the imagination universe. But Keanu Reeves would not be involved in that in any major role.

Besides - doesn’t he have the next Bill and Ted to do? Alex Winter needs money.

Only if they’re prequels. And we see Agent Smith as a kid… winning races and shit.

The first 10 minutes of the Matrix was fine. It went downhill from there, with sharp drops for each of the sequels. So in other words: no.

I think “the first 10 minutes of the first movie” is a new cool kid record. Nice work! Anyone want to go for the first 5 minutes?

I liked the opening credits, but only up to the M of MATRIX. After that it was banal.

Oh SHIT, the ante has been upped now!

Only if they forget the 2nd and 3rd movies ever happened and make a real, worthy sequel to the first movie which was the only good one.

I think I’m the only one in the world that enjoyed Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions. I’m definitely up for more Matrix movies.

Explain and justify your terrible taste to the Hive Mind.

Maybe he’s only seen the DeZionized version? Which still isn’t good.

I liked The Matrix back when it was just an avant-garde short series of scene cuts that played during a break in the Super Bowl. They really jumped the shark by making a full length movie out of that.

I wonder what a post-Inception Matrix is going to look like. I also wonder if they’re going to consider the MMO’s story canon and continue from there.

I didn’t enjoy Reloaded at all but I did like Revolutions fine (though it was still far inferior to the original). I’d go watch more Matrix movies but not ones with Neo as the protagonist, not because I have anything against Reeves or the character, but his arc is really, really done.

Please don’t make me trot out the hundred most insane things about the plot of the first movie again. OK, OK, you twisted my arm, I’ll list just a few: humans cultivated for their body heat; meaningless hand-to-hand combat in a virtual environment; inexplicable and inconsistent mysticism at odds with the sci-fi, etc. etc. etc.

So long as what was going on was a complete mystery, i.e. for the first few minutes of the movie, the style and cinematics were great, but as soon as they tried to explain anything at all, and as soon as the idiotic plot started to grind inexorably forward, the superficial veneer of coolness lost all interest for me.

Any given one or two of the unreasonable things about the setting or the plot you can swallow as an assumption or ignore in favor of the special effects, but there are so very many of them, I found the massive weight of their illogic crushed my enjoyment of the movie.

If this was, say, The 5th Element, a film that wasn’t trying to take itself seriously, I couldn’t complain about the silliness and illogic, but the Matrix is deadly serious about everything, so I can’t just ignore the insanity.

Too cool AND too smart for school. Miramon’s got it all, ladies!

Wait - they made movies out of the Enter the Matrix Xbox game??

I don’t really feel any need to justify my own terrible taste. I just really enjoyed how Reloaded upped all of the action to a crazy degree and I liked the heart of Revolutions. I think a lot of people just go with the Hive Mind and the supposedly pervasive dislike of the Matrix sequels. I’m not sure how someone could enjoy the first movie and hate the subsequent two. The sequels just aren’t very different from the original movie, but somehow everyone only likes the first movie. I absolutely loved the first movie and really enjoyed the sequels.

I agree somewhat.

They were all silly movies mind you but the first was entertaining for being something completely new and different at the time. But I thought Blade which came out just before (I think) was a much better film.

Reloaded was horrible.

Revolutions - again, nothing mindblowing but fun with some great action scenes (mechs… come on, mechs!!!). But there were a few embarrassing scenes. The story got even more ridiculous at this point which I didn’t think was possible.

On a Batman scale::

Matrix: Batman (Keaton/Burton)
Reloaded: The one with Ahnold as Mr. Freeze
Revolutions: Batman Returns

Oh and I would certainly NOT go see a new Matrix movie.