Anyone up for some RB6

Rainbow 6 this Weekend box

Damn, I returned my rental of it. I might have to go buy it if people are still playing.

Don’t bother, ElG. All the cool kids will be on a Gears server this weekend!

Well, then I’ll just have to play Gears!

Feh, I’ll be rappelling at high speeds through a blizzard towards a wicked cool robot while throwing inflatable soldier grenades.

Though I’ll likely respond to an invite, I love r6. I think I’m up for gears as well, havent even looked at the new maps. Tonight is gonna be LP ALL night though, finally got the hang of it and its fucknig fun. I think you can do friend invites in ranked matches too… fugitive mode really needs non-randomasshats.

I’d be down for some R6 or even Gears. I haven’t really played much Gears multi; just a splitscreen game at GenCon last Nov.


I’d like to play R6 but I only have 2 or 3 QT3 folks on my list so feel free to shoot me an invite. Skystride is my ID.

I’d be up for some R6. Never tried it online before.

Lost Planet this weekend for me, too.