Anyone use one of the multi-private-phone-numbers services?

I’m about to re-enter the smartphone world…had a Blackberry for many years, had the old dumb-phone for a couple years, now getting an Android smartphone. One of the things I’d like to do with my new setup is have a few different phone numbers…a “main” number for family/friends, a “work” number, a “spam” number for entering contests and such, and so on. Two numbers would be OK, but 3 or 4 would be better. I’ve used Google Voice for the opposite - a single number that calls multiple phones - but now I’m looking for multiple numbers linked to a single phone.

I did some poking around the Interwebs and found a few possibilities. Hushed, Burner, and FlyP all look promising. My preference would be a service that uses VOIP so I’m not burning cell minutes when I’m at home, and I think Hushed does that, but it looks like you only get one number at a time from them unless I’m reading it wrong. FlyP lets you do multiple numbers, but doesn’t do VOIP.

So the question is, anyone have experience with any of these, or similar services? Suggestions for what would fit my needs best?

How about a two SIM Windows Phone?

If you use Google Voice, you can give friends/family your carrier assigned cell number and other folks the GV number. You can also tell GV to answer w/ different messages depending upon who’s calling.

The Droid I’m getting has dual SIMs, but as I understand it that means I have to pay two mobile service accounts. I was hoping to avoid that.