Anyone used keyboard/mouse adapters for console?

Continuing the discussion from Star Wars Battlefront - one of the worst gaming experiences ever:

Wait a second. Has anyone here at q23 ever done such a thing, used a keyboard/mouse adapter on a recent first person shooter for PS4 or XBone?

How does it work? Does it work? Is it just some kind of weird super hacky “thumbstick simulator”?

Inquiring minds wish to know!

I was considering getting one when I was playing Destiny. And now that I am contemplating playing Destiny again, I am again thinking about getting one.

Think one of the best adapters is called XIM 4.

I tend to think that such things really should be banned, as they offer a massive advantage over gamepads.

But, to answer your question, they essentially translate mouse movements into gamepad movements. They probably can’t ever really be detected, other than by observing the player.

Right but how well do they actually work? That’s my question. Anyone here with direct experience trying it?

From what I’ve read, which is quite a bit, they tend to require specific tuning for different games, but once set up it tends to work well. It essentially gives you the ability to play with a mouse, and all the advantages in terms of precision that come along with it.

If you want to play a single player game, whatever. But if you are playing online, consider the fact that you are essentially cheating by using an inherently more precise control unit than most other players.

We had a thread about this a year or two ago. The story is that the Xim4 does work and confers a major advantage to the user. It isn’t exactly like a M/K on a computer, but it’s streets ahead of a gamepad. I would definitely consider it cheating in multiplayer.

Aha this?


If I had a console I’d probably get the XIM4, or whatever the new one is now. I like the idea of effortlessly pwning newbs.

Hmm. I do understand that it would be considered cheating in multiplayer, but I’m interested solely because it could finally get me interested in console gaming.

Way back in '09, I bought a PS3 so I could play some exclusives, but just couldn’t get the hang of using a controller after 23 years of keyboard and mouse. I tried for weeks, but eventually just gave up and shelved the whole system and went back to PC gaming.

In other words, I’m interested not for cheating purposes, but simply for SP usability.

@rei are you still using yours? I may give this a shot.

i haven’t used my consoles in over a year hah…i should try them again with the xim4 adapter.

Can someone get one of these suckers to work with the Metroid Prime games? Probably my favorite “shooters” of all time, but I don’t know if I can consistently beat 'em by myself due to the janky-ass Gamecube/Wii controls >.>

It doesn’t work for Wii U unfortunately.