Anyone using the Vivaldi 4.0 browser?

A guy at work has been trying to get me to use Vivaldi as my web browser. He’s like me and has switched between Chrome and Firefox very few years. Any feedback here on Vivaldi?

I’ve been using Vivaldi for maybe a year now and LOVE it. It’s fast, stable, has a lot of great features (like middle clicking a folder in the speed dial and having all of the sites in that folder open), and syncs wonderfully with its Android version. It’s my primary browser for anything not work related.

How is it for add-on/plug ins? I mainly need Bitwarden and something like Video Download Helper for Firefox.

It uses Chrome plug-ins. I mean I couldn’t live without Augmented Steam and SteamDB.

You can do that in Chrome already?

What am I missing?

I dunno, I don’t recall being able to do that in Chrome but it’s been years since I used Chrome since it’s such a pig of a program.

Yeah, if you stick a folder on your bookmarks bar and middle click it opens everything in the folder.

Yeah I’ve been using Vivaldi for ages now, I absolutely love it. It has a premium feel to it, it’s like using a luxury browser. Very customisable. And as Brian said, being based on Chromium means you can use any of the massive array of Chrome plugins that are available. It’s also very privacy focused.

The 4.0 update brings some huge new features like built in mail, calendar and news, although I don’t use them so I can’t speak to their quality.

I also use it on Android.

Is there a way to have a visible bookmarks bar across the top like you can in Chrome and Firefox? Trying it out and like it so far. I assume it’s built on Chrome?

EDIT: NVM - found it. Liking this. Already found one extension that is superior to the one I use all the time in Firefox.

Well it definitely works better on my secondary crap PC that I use for media and browsing and such on the side. Some bits are a little weird, but it’s pretty nice in general.

Oh no I’m talking about in the speed dial that launches on a new page. Nice thing is that speed dial syncs across devices.

Care to share? ;)

HOw effective is the ad blocking, that’s my main concern- needs unblock Origin

Seems pretty effective to me, I never really see a damned thing.

It’s generally fine, but as limited as current chrome in ad blocking, not as capable as Firefox. They won’t be limiting to declarative content blocking like future chrome so it shouldn’t get worse. I like the integrated mouse gestures but it doesn’t let you configure mouse chording. I’m still on Firefox.

Funny. I just read a Wired article on Vivaldi

I can’t speak to the quality of Vivaldi, but the author of this piece comes off as so smug (Paraphrase: “Get away from Google, Sheeple!”) it made me actively not want to try it.

Geezus christ you’re not kidding from the first paragraph:

Or, I should say, remember when you could do all that without Big Tech feeding your personal data into the yawning maw of surveillance capitalism?

Geez get over yourself dude. Greg seriously though it’s great and if you’re curious you should give it a try.

Sure, go to Settings, Bookmarks, and there’s a box you can check called Show Bookmarks Bar.

Er…sorry, I meant care to share the extension?

Oh! One I use for downloading video clips from a variety of web sources, the Vivaldi one is Video Downloader Plus. There’s a standard version and a Plus version that requires a small payment. I haven’t “auditioned” others of this type, but this one works much more elegantly than the one I use on Firefox.