Anyone using the Vivaldi 4.0 browser?

Vivaldi’s own password thingy works for me in most cases on Android.

Yeah, I immediately added the Bitwarden extension, but I did an import of my history, passwords, etc. from Firefox and so far the built in password thingie is working well.

OK, I have been switching back and forth between Firefox and Chrome over the years, and I tried Opera once and some other browser I don’t remember. However, I’m really enjoying Vivaldi. I think one reason is that it does a superb job of importing everything I needed from Firefox, and so far the extensions I need are easy to find and in some cases superior to the ones I was using in Firefox. Speed has never really been a big issue for me in browsers; a half second difference in bringing up a page just doesn’t matter to me. I’m really enjoying the overall design features in Vivaldi, and as I explore I find more and more options to really customize it for my needs. Even little things: I just discovered the little clock in the bottom right has a countdown/alarm function. Even if I don’t use it, that’s cool. Lots of little modifications that I’m still tweaking.

It’s difficult for me to articulate at this point, but it just feels more user focused at this point. Plus, I like trying new stuff even if I don’t have a pressing need to. ;)

Yeah there are a lot of little things I love about it, like the clock, the screen capture tool, the sidebar (especially for downloads), the tab groupings and so much more. Plus the fact that it’s super easy to send a page from desktop to mobile or mobile to desktop really seals the deal for me. Plus have you tried its built-in game? It’s kinda fun!

I really disliked the sidebar, had to pop it up with F4 to see downloads. Prefer the toolbar icon on Firefox or the bottom UI stuff in Chrome.

So where is the photo details information function that someone posted earlier?

It’s in the image submenu. Right click an image, go to the submenu and it’s in there.

Hmmm. I’ve been using this for a few days and today it seems like there’s a pause before it loads a web page. Any ideas from Vivaldi experts here?

No issues here. Use the internal program manager to see if a tab or two is eating memory.

Yeah, it doesn’t seem to happen to me either. Maybe for some websites it likes to load a certain amount before rendering anything.

OK, thanks. Still learning this (didn’t know it had it’s own Task Manager!)

YEah it’s Menu → Tools → Task Manager or Shift+Escape.


  1. I assume there’s a way to assign hot keys? I want to set up a hot key for the built in screen shot function.

  2. In regular chrome you could chromecast a video from your laptop, such as an MP4, from the browser. Not sure how to do that in Vivaldi (if it’s possible: if not, what’s the simplest way to chromecast a local video to my Sony TV from my laptop? I use Zoom as my default laptop video viewer.)

  1. Settings > Keyboard

(Maybe also check out quick commands, although I don’t use these so not sure it’s what you’re after)

  1. File menu > cast

(Haven’t used it myself so can’t vouch for it, but the option is there)

Does Vivaldi 4.0 have pop-out video?

Looks like!

An observation and a question:

  1. When I allow notifications and they pop up in boxes in the lower right - let’s say a reply to a thread I’m watching in a forum - the notifications don’t take me to the thread or site. In Firefox, if I get a notification and click on it, it takes me to the source of the notification. In Vivaldi it either closes it or does nothing. What am I missing?

  2. The “Cast” function seems to be pretty iffy for me. If I want to, say, cast my desktop or a file, I go to File - Cast and my Sony Android TV is on the list. I hit cast, it looks like its casting, but nothing happens on the TV, and when I try to go back to File-Cast it doesn’t show me the list again or anything else. It acts like it’s just stuck. I can close Vivaldi and try again and about 1 out of 3 times it works.

Gah sorry, wish I could help, but I never use notifications or casting, sorry. Have you tried on the Vivaldi forums? They seem pretty active.

Oh - I should definitely go to the forums! Who knows what I’m missing. A huge amount, no doubt.

Also, I thought about going back to Firefox, but when I started it up I realized how sluggish it can be compared to Vivaldi. Never bothered me before, LOL!