Anyone want to buy an Amazon gift cert with $20 bonus?

So… I have this ~$321 amazon gift cert.

There’s no way I can buy that much crap at Amazon right now.

Anyone want to buy it from me for $300? If so PM me.

I’ll give you 20$.

I’ll give you $20.05

Don’t be fooled by those cheapskates, I’ll give you $21.

Ok Ill go $21.21

Are you aware that Amazon carries food and clothes and DVDs and everything?

I’ll give you $20 and an e-card wishing you a happy birthday.

Yah, I was trying to figure how you could not find a measly $300 worth of stuff to buy. They carry pretty much everything now.

He wants cash to feed his magic mushroom habit!

Sadly, they are in fact out of those.

The course of action is clear: stick that thing on your fridge and use it to buy Rock Band in a few months.

You guys aren’t helping.

Fine, I guess I’ll just buy this then.

And then of course I have to add this.

You people are evil. Really evil!

And this. You bastards.


Google suggested this as your first choice at that price range.

List Price:$419.95 Price:[COLOR=#990000]$320.61[/COLOR] You Save:$99.34 (24%)

Availability: In Stock. Ships from and sold by [COLOR=#003399]PlumberSurplus[/COLOR].

[COLOR=#990000]Only 5 left in stock–order soon. [/COLOR]

Better hurry though.

what’s the expiration date?

Do they still sell groceries there? i find it hard to believe you can’t find anything you need there.