Anyone want to play a game of chess?

I like Chess. I usually play on , in the official tournaments only. I am mostly convinced a large part of these people are swindlers seeing as many of them range from beginning at 800, and a few days later, suddenly are at 1200 or 1300 score. Also, a few of them make a move immediately after my move, EVERY time, making me suspect they are bots.

Well - I am not, and I enjoy playing Chess. I am apparently not very good at it, since currently my score in is…830 or something like that, BUT - I don’t cheat, and I concede defeat and wins equally gracefully.

So - if anyone wants to play a friendly game of chess, hit me up on I reside there under the name of razgon, strangely enough.

(All of my complaining about the others cheating could of course be because I DO suck, and this is just me trying to make sense of it, since I once thought I was decent at chess - who knows!).

edit: Oh, and is both online in a browser, and in an app, on both IOS and android, and is pretty good I think, and free. Personally, I pay for it, but thats just because I want to be able to try some of their advanced features like game checking after a game, seeing where I went totally wrong.


I am in, however cannot find razgon

hmm, this is me?

friend invite sent. I need to grab my power cord for my notebook… ;)

I can play with more than one ;-)

no hurry ;)
I am also playing Bloodborne atm, waiting to be summoned …

Nice - thanks for hitting me up.

Usually I play 3-day games, but this seems fun as well! A 5 minute game. That means you have 5 minutes total whenever you log in, to make your moves?

its more like you have 5 min and I have 5 min, and we play the game in realtime, like an RTS ;)

that’s me. Willing subject for an epic asswhooping.

5min invite sent @schurem

say - did I do something wrong and close the game? I don’t see it anymore in my app?

I will send again

not seeing the invite.

it is telling me you are not live…

edit: you are not in live mode … I don’t know, I always play live. Not sure what you need to hid. Maybe the play button or your inbox

hah! okay - this is new to me! Damn, so many mistakes. Fun! Thanks for the lesson, so to speak.

Try to castle at as your 1st priority in the game ;)

Thanks - I was trying out a new opening, which is something I am very poor at. I’d love to practice those, and I actually think does have those. The Boring opening, I think its called. Managed to mess it up, though! :-D

yeah, openings are good way to learning. They all follow basic principles. Develop pieces, castle the king, control, take influence in the center squares.

Playing long games, it is easy for others to cheat …

In case anyone is interested in seeing a chess Champion beating poor me, here is the game :-D

If you are online another evening,@newbrof or @schurem I’ll be sure to hit you up for a few games!