Anyone want to play a game of chess?

Rowson’s books are awesome works, both Seven Deadly Chess Sins and Chess for Zebras.

Right now is a golden age for chess publishing. Quality Chess Books in particular has really done outstanding work. New In Chess, Russell Enterprises, Gambit, Thinkers Publishing, Chess Evolution, Mongoose Press, Everyman, and Olms.

Just double checking to make sure that @newbrof vs @vyshka, @AWS260 vs @Mark_Crump, and @krayzkrok vs @SamS are still in progress.

that’s right. Our game is heating up.

Yep! We are working through it.

Yeah, getting a little tricky now :)

Yep! Slowly but surely.

I went through a chess phase a few years ago and I really enjoyed watching John Bartholomew’s videos on Youtube. I found his “Climbing the Ratings Ladder” and “Tactics Training” videos very enlightening. He’ll play blitz games and be talking about his moves and analyzing what the other player is doing, it’s so amazing. He’s just a really nice guy and never uses naughty language so his videos are safe to use for kids to watch (I’ve never really watched any other Chess Youtuber so I don’t know if their language ever gets salty). Definitely a great resource.

I am likely going to resign my game with @AWS260. I can’t get an attack going, and I am giving away pieces left and right. I am reacting more than attacking.

Due to a lot of work and life stuff, I am having trouble concentrating on this so I might just end it.

@Mark_Crump we’re still waiting for two other games to finish, so don’t feel as if you’re holding us up by fighting on. At this point we will not start round two until next week at the earliest. Thanks.

Eh, it’s more on my end. The end of this week gets busy for me and I am down a lot of material. I like the idea of the tournament, but I also realize a lost cause (my game, not the tournament) when I see one. Every move I make feels like a blunder.

Which I expected, I haven’t played chess in years.

result 1:0

@vyshka GG. I thought I had something with 12. Qa4 (double attack). But in the end it was nothing and I was left with a bad pawn structure (and 2 bishops as comfort).

That is what I get for making a sudden move :) trapping the rook and giving up the exchange for nothing. GG @newbrof and thanks for the game

thanks for the game, I have to look into Nimzo-Indian from a white perspective. I ended up with an isolated queens pawn.

Playing a correspondence game is such a mental shift from the 5- and 10-minute games that I have played online. It’s really refreshing to be able to think about a position without a clock in the corner.

Just watched your match and wondering why you gave up at the first setback. Where you that closely matched?

In other martial arts I’ve practised over the years you often fight to the finish. Chess is different I guess?

well, losing a piece in chess is like using a leg or an arm during a sword fight. Sure, you can “fight” on while bleeding to death, or you could surrender.

what I want to say, sometimes the disadvantage is too huge.

In this case however, it was a rook (5) against a bishop (3), so a material disadvantage of -2 with no attack, no queens etc.

I can see what you mean. It’s bad. There’s no way @vyshka could have come back from losing the knight?

I understand it’s not like Jiu Jitsu where you can reverse from almost any position with a bit of luck, skill and cunning. Or aerial fighting, where you can, again with some luck and skill still win a fight even after losing much of your team and being in a bad position yourself.

And as I read back the above paragraph I see the distinction between those other games and chess: luck. The only luck you ever get in chess is your opponent doing some dumbass shit. And if he’s not doing that, there’s no way to come back from losing even the smallest bit of advantage.

Has someone ever given up on losing a pawn, or is the line drawn at a piece?

I think in blitz chess there is “luck” because of the time limit. A lucky punch is totally possible, happens all the time. In this time control, where I have so much time, it is harder to get a lucky punch.

I think it also depends a lot on the skill of the players. If I’m playing someone at my beginner level, there’s a reasonably good chance that we’ll both make major blunders, so if I make a mistake I’ll just keep playing in the hope that my opponent will eventually do the same.

We’ve wrapped up.

Thanks for the game, @Mark_Crump. I think you had the better of it in the opening. It was just dropping the one bishop that turned things around.