Anyone want to play a game of chess?


Folks let me know if I get any other results wrong. I had one job…

We’re in the endgame (dramatic music).

Fun game @schurem. Trying to do a rematch but it won’t let me, and I can’t challenge you because I’m not a friend, and I can’t find where to send a friend request. Lichess has a terrible UI.

We’ll get a rematch in the tourney, unless I don’t make it across your board lol.
LiChess has worse UI than indeed, but it’s free. Can’t argue with free much, can we?

Well that’s true, the price is favorable. I just wish it was easier to actually play Chess with it. :)

I resigned to @SamS after a tight game led to a series of increasingly dumb mistakes on my part. Deserved win.

That was a tense game! Really enjoyed it.

e: haha lots of mistakes and blunders on both sides in that analysis!!

I don’t take those analyses too seriously. I mean, it called your first pawn move to c5 an inaccuracy! That’s the start of the Sicilian Defense. It’s looking purely in terms of positional value, not planning.

And Round One is complete! Here are the results, and the pairings for Round 2:

This is a Swiss tourney, so round two should be winners vs winners, etc. But because we have an odd number of games in each round, one pairing is winner vs non-winner. That game is @Juan_Raigada vs @krayzkrok.

The player listed at the top of each pairing should send the game invite to the other, settings here, though it really doesn’t matter if the other player starts it. Just be sure to have white/black set to random.

Good luck to all!

@krayzkrok, link to our game:

just an idea. After this tourney, we could have a thematic tournament where we play 1 opening in all games. I would think everybody should play the Queensgambit 1. d4 d5 2. c4

You can learn a lot if you focus on playing only one opening as black and as white. It’s a learning tool …

@AWS260 our game


@schurem looks like I can’t send you a challenge. Can you send me one?

Invite sent.

I was soundly defeated by Chcopperpot. Great game, sir!

Thanks for the game. Here is the link.

Man it’s crazy to check out their analyses of the games.

@newbrof wins our game! That was really fun.

@AWS260 Good game. I was suddenly boxed in with my king, and was very afraid, that you would bring your queen over and check mate me with the help of your knight.

I only had a chance with my light-squared bishop against your king.

That was the plan! Until I forgot that the h1 square existed.