Anyone want to play a game of chess?

ok, here we go Round 4 QueensGambit tournament


@Starflightdream challenge sent for round 4 QueensGambit. If you beat the final boss, you are the hero and winner of the tournament. I am waiting in my lair.

If I’m not mistaken his streak has already ended last October at Norway Chess 2020 against Duda.

It’s not a surprise Magnus reacted so calmly, IMHO. One of the reasons the top guys are better than other GMs is that they are better at shutting off their emotions. After this game is before the next game, and negative emotions are not helpful. Magnus is certainly angry about himself, for overlooking a simple tactic for a player of his class and getting outplayed like this, but he’ll deal with it after the tournament. So, yes, just a bad day at the office.

Gonna see if I can beat my record from last round and lose in fewer than 12 moves.

I think you’re probably right. I believe there’s some nitpicking going on as to whether the Norway Chess time controls (2 hours for the whole game, no time control increments) counts as a “classical” format. And the source I had for this weekend’s game being the end of the streak must have been bought into those nitpicks.

Well, if the stories I’ve read about the experience of playing against a young Kasparov are anything to go by, not all of the top players are quite so unemotional!

Unlikely against me!

Battle for the Bottom challenge sent!

Oh heck. Black again. How am I going to play it this time? ;)

don’t accept the pawn.


The most appropriate application of that meme.

I always wondered what’s to prevent someone from cheating by using a computer AI for their moves?

Nothing. And it’s rampant in online chess. Luckily we are all honourable people here at QT3.

Has anyone played bullet chess here? Or does anyone fancy giving it a go? That’s where you have 1 minute total move time per player. It’s madness! At least I assume it is, I’ve never dared play some random freak on the internet, but if anyone here wants to give it a shot I’m game! I may actually be able to stay online for the maximum 2 minutes required for it.

Why would you? There is nothing to gain from cheating. We don’t play for money or something. You would cheat yourself, because you only learn by your mistakes.

I just signed up for an account at, and as far as I can tell you need a paid membership to get an analysis of your games, is that correct?

As a free member I get decent analysis post-game, probably better than the lichess one to be honest. Getting called out for making errors during a book opening by lichess makes me take it very not seriously. To be honest I’ve no idea how the paid membership improves on the analysis tools, it’s not clear about it.

I’ve played a few bullet games. I prefer rapid/blitz on lichess, which is still quick but not quite so frantic. I enjoy it, but man, dumb mistakes happen A LOT.

Back when I played club chess decades ago, I learned to hate Blitz. An exercise in frustration and making myself feel stupid. Now it turns out that someone’s invented a time format even more bonkers. Bah, humbug, get off my lawn etc etc.

I’ve played several three- and five-minute games IRL on the clock – used to quite a bit. One-minute is just…insane.

Bullet chess to chess is like table tennis to tennis. It is not the same game. You need different type of skills, like pre-move-skills, dexterity skills and so on. Most of the time, I don’t use a mouse on my notebook, so no bullet for me.