Anyone want to play a game of chess?

Thanks, @Murph, it was hard fought.

@newbrof sorry to tie up the tourney but we are ready for the next round finally.

Round 3, the final round Caro-Kann themed




I guess that means we’re fighting it out for the World Championship, right?

Challenge issued.

yes, btw. the Candidates Tournament started this week after 1 year Corona break. I’ve bet some money last year on Caruana. He had a phenomenal round yesterday, where he caught MVL with excellent preparation.

@AWS260 challenge sent.

@newbrof the standings chart above doesn’t seem to reflect the outcome of my second round with Murph, but maybe it hadn’t updated when you took the screenshot.

it updated now


Caro Kann defense with @Murph

Good game, some fireworks in that one

Spicy! That’s a very nice mating web at the end.

Good game with @CF_Kane. That advance Caro Kann with the white pawn on e5 really cramps black. Not a big fan of this opening after the tournament tbh.

We should do a Stafford tournament next!

Another Caro Kann concluded.

When I blunder, I certainly blunder (move 10). Thanks for the game.

@Mark_Weston your move, not sure if you got the notification.

my game with @Mark_Weston timed out, unfortunately. Since my eval was -2.6 I count it as a loss.
I hate the Caro-Kann still, on both sides, I still don’t know how to play it ;)

final results after 3 rounds of Caro-Kann


I am currently in a tough game against a 2090 player. What I love about chess are these imbalance positions. I have 2 strong(?) passed pawns, but only a knight against a rook.

I wonder if I can win, if the queens were off the board, I would feel better.

Sorry! And thanks for extending the deadline. I lost track of the game due to other life distractions, and didn’t log into Lichess for a couple of days. I’ll get things moving today.

Edit: too late, I managed to let it time out.

I think it was a fair result. I thought it was a pretty interesting opening, but then I talked myself into going for a tactical trick and I’m fairly sure I was going to be regretting it in the next few moves. You’d have ended up in a winning endgame.

Damn, until the rook/knight trade you guys were DEAD EVEN. I still think you have a good shot. Knights can be flat deadly in the endgame.

actually I was 2 pawns up, but I fell for a knight fork. I will fight with my passed pawns.

I think your position was pretty strong, computer agrees. what would be your next move? I expected Nd4 (attacking my queen) and then pushing your e pawn… totally lost, weak king, too. Looks like f6 was my big mistake. I don’t even remember why I played it.

You’re right, the computer agrees with you. That’s funny.

It’s been four days since I was thinking hard about my next move, but I’m pretty sure Nd4 wasn’t on the agenda. My concerns were 1) your queen and bishop pointing right at my king, 2) your rook pointing at my queen, and 3) getting into an exchange that looked like leaving me two pawns down. I remember playing out a couple of lines where I got to push the e pawn and make it look dangerous, but I don’t remember knowing how I was going to force you into one of those lines.

As always, it’s hard to argue with the computer evaluation. But I definitely wasn’t up 2.6 in my head, and looking again now, I still don’t really see it.

Anyway, sorry again for ending the game with a timeout. That’s always pretty unsatisfying.