Anyone want to play a game of chess?

Cool - I’ve created a 16 player daily tourney on

Here’s the invite link.

I guess we can keep registration open for a few days and start it this Sunday or something.

great, thanks. Is this an elimination type tournament? Or Swiss? I joined, but can’t figure it out. I am OK with both

Ah, doesn’t look like Swiss is possible in this tool. It’s elimination - assuming we get full 16 players it’ll break us into 4 groups of 4 and the top players of each group progress.

To the death!

I’m in - Sam0-0-0

Just a reminder that we’re organizing a casual chess tourney - correspondence chess @ 1 move / 2 days.

Please join here if you’re interested!

We have 6 players in so far - would be great to get at least a few more before kicking it off.

Tourney started! I tweaked the settings so that there are 2 games happening simul so hopefully that keeps the game(s) moving at a brisk pace.

I think I set it up so that we’re broken down into 2 groups of 4 (well, 4 & 3) with the top 2 players in each group progressing. Hopefully I didn’t screw that up.

thanks, great. I made my moves…

Cross-posting from the bargain thread:

If you’re in the market for some chess software or DBs, now is time. Chessbase are doing their 25% thing again to push their new Fritz 18 and the new MegaDB 2022.

They usually do this twice a year for a day.

Was confused for a bit and thinking I’d purchased CB16, but couldn’t see it in my downloads in the shop. But it looks like it came out last November, so 15 must have been the last purchase.

something got out of hand, I play now 6 games at once ;) That way we will finish until the word chess championship…

That Caro-Kann tournament seems to have had a lasting legacy. Four of my six games are Caro-Kanns.

Haha - whoops! I gotta say, playing it all at once has its own appeal though…

Playing this many games at once is hurting my brain!


First completed game in the books where David and I fought to a…draw! My head hurts.

Good game. Position got pretty double edged, every time I thought my attack was coming together I always had to spend a move or piece on defense. Was happy to get a draw by the end.

6 games simul are killing me… I don’t have patience for deep analysis, and it shows. Don’t like most of my positions…

Lol yeah every time I play a game its like a puzzle I haven’t seen before - I have to sit and look at it to work out what’s happening. Already blundered away some pieces!

@CF_Kane I had a terrible opening, glad you did not punish me… Same for the other game!

I am probably incapable of punishing you for a bad opening. I’m still very much learning basic chess and trying to avoid blunders. If I get taken to an endgame, it is all over for me.