Anyone want to play a game of chess?

this I can’t believe. I was totally panicking in both games… The analysis of our first game showed me a huge blunder on my side

you could have pushed the e-pawn and I lose a knight. I did not see this! Too many games…

Ugh. I should not have missed that move.

Anyone here by any chance use Chessbase, and have extra piece fonts installed? I did this on my old system, but for the life of me I can’t find where I found those fonts last time. I think it was a blog post or some article, but my google-fu has failed me. I love the Alpha pieces, but I’ll have to live with the standard ones until I manage to run across those again.

If you’d like to watch a man being slowly squeezed to death, please enjoy my still-ongoing game with @newbrof.

I don’t like complications, just a slow death is enough… also you didn’t move like a deer in the headlights.

Two games done with @Ex-SWoo

One game where I was destroyed in 18 moves

board (1)

And one game where I had to grind out 50+ move win where I almost snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.


This has been a really nice change of pace. Lately I’ve just been playing 5-minute games during my lunch break to decompress, and haven’t been giving myself time to actually think. Turns out that thinking about chess is fun!

This was Round 1 for me, it looks like we have an A group and a B group. Looking forward to playing the other group!

Game 1 of the World Championship is tomorrow. Looks like it will be early for me with a 5:30am start here in Arizona.

Games start at 11:30pm here!

It will be a 14 games match, right? I think I read, they increased the number of games, to get less draws… I still wish it was 24 games like in the old days. But nobody is paying/sponsoring nowadays… mabe the players don’t want it, either…

Looking forward to 14 draws and Carlsen winning in blitz.

Nepo’s a strong Rapid and Blitz player so Carlsen might have an easier time winning in classical this time around.

Any recommendations for online coverage?

Depends on who you like commentating - Chess24 has Giri and Polgar. has Caruana.

OK I’m watching Svidler.

Game 1: amazing, Magnus gave a pawn in the opening and computer eval is equal, so this means a lot of compensation for the pawn. (we are in move 26 now).

Nice. Svidler is always worth watching.

Hey all, I haven’t been following this thread too much, so maybe there’s a more formal way of doing this, but I’d love to kick around a few games with people. I’m DrCrypt on

Interesting game 4 start with the Petrov.