Anyone want to play a game of chess?

I felt bad for Ian today. Watching the last hour of the game was painful. He had played so well all match and then blundered today. Enormous credit to him for his behavior in the press conference and interviews after the game.

The man bun gone!

post image or it did not happen!

big blunder by Nepo again… c5 was a move I was actually considering, but I am below 1800… c6 trapped the bishop. This feels really tragic.

or Nepo is preparing the biggest comeback in chess history. What’s better than coming back from 0:2? Coming back from 0:3

I think at this point he will be lucky if he doesn’t lose any more.

GG Nepo - it’s over.

he changed his hair style, what else could he had done?

Will all 14 games be played or does the match end when Carlsen has enough points? At this point Nepo is at risk of getting completely destroyed. Results like 5-0 haven’t been seen in a WCh match since the times of Lasker.

once someone hits 7.5 the games will stop - so it could be decided in 2 games technically.

I think Nepo just grinds for draws the rest of the way

Nepo reminds me of the Baumer meltdown from Royal Tenenbaums, it looks like today will be a draw and Carlsen will not do anything fancy…

Oh shit now I’ve got 6 simul games in the tournament.

me too … it was the same for Round 1. At least we finish sooner…

I signed up for some thematic tournaments that happened to start pretty close together, so 17 games going right now.

Haha, sorry guys - I realized where I screwed up the tourney config now but it was too late to fix it.

At least now we’re on pace to finish this tourney around the same time as the WCC!

Welp, that looks like it should be the end of it.

Edit: Heh, Ivanchuk has a twitch channel (hope he comes out with a game collection some day)

this time it wasn’t so obvious of a blunder, at least for my strength.

For folks that enjoy chess history, especially relating to the golden era of Soviet Chess you should read Genna Sosonko’s series of books. Reading Russian Silhouettes again and just amazing stories.

done, congrats! Magnus was like a wall, and Nepo kept on banging…