Anyone watching *So Help Me Todd* on CBS?

Stars Marcia Gay Harden and the amazingly charming Skylar Astin of Pitch Perfect and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist fame as the titular Todd. I HAD to watch it since he was in it, plus it’s set in Portland (but shot in Canuckistan, of course, for $$$ reasons :rolleyes: –Grimm managed to shoot here, why can’t other series?). Harden plays Todd’s mother, who’s a lawyer at a big firm and hires him as an investigator. Just got picked up for a second season. I’m really enjoying it–the two principals have great chemistry. Madeline Wise also stars as Todd’s older sister (I know I’ve seen her in something else-- she’s got a very distinct face-- “hot in a funny-looking way” so to speak.

EDIT: Hmm, guess I can’t italicize things in thread titles.