Anyone watching Son of Zorn?

Anyone else watching this? I love it. According to my DVR and its metacritic rating, people in general are not loving it.

I’ve been watching it. It has some good jokes but they haven’t really done anything as far as developing the characters goes. I’m not planning to stop watching anytime soon though, it’s funny enough. There’s never enough comedy on TV for me.

Yes. He-Man stuffed into the modern world is surprisingly hilarious, I actually look forward to new episodes.

I was worried by episode 3 or 4 that they hit a rut and became way too predictable sitcom shlock. Setup event, Zorn does bad, Zorn loves son, Zorn changes, Zorn fixed with kid.

But the episodes since that low predictable point have actually been great. If they keep it funny and don’t depend on perfect, cheesy conflict resolution for every episode I’ll be happy. My favorite was the one where he has VD and calls up Ron Swanson cartoon character for help.