Anyone watching This is Us?

It started out pretty good. I loved the concept of the multiple time line story telling, but the season ender just really sucked. I blame the fact that they got extended for two more seasons and then where like, wait, what? We have to tell this story for two more seasons? Holy shit. And so we get this kooky misdirection nonsense in the closer and no real closure to the central mystery of how did Jack die. I hate this kind of stupid TV. Such a shame because the show started out so strong.

Yes, I watched it from the start. I believe it is by the same writers that did Parenthood, which I loved. This is the best show of this season. I think many wanted to see what happened to one of the main characters and were disappointed when the resolution was delayed to next season. I will definitely be watching it then to find out.

I hope I didn’t come off sounding too harsh, lol. I’m sorry. I have really been enjoying it this season, but the closer sucked away all my enthusiasm. I’m honestly not too interested in any of the plot lines for the kids (the future, or maybe now is the way to describe the kids’ plot lines). I was really invested in the past plot lines and now it’s just … I don’t know. I was so unimpressed with all the narrative feints. I think there were very few all season, then suddenly they came rapid fire one after the other in the closer. It speaks to desperation among the writers.

It’s the Fonzie and Erkel syndrome, characters slated to be minor that become so popular they need to be written in with bigger parts. People love Jack so even though he’s supposed to die, they can’t kill him off yet.

Haha, they brought Jack into the present time line with Psilocybin mushrooms in one episode. They should keep the narrative integrity and add more psychedelic experiences.

I don’t … get … this show? It’s a bunch of people that randomly share the same birthday?

I happened to start watching this yesterday on Hulu and think it’s excellent a few episodes in. I can’t tell if you actually watched it or if you’re just asking about the trailer.

haha, otherwise known as triplets.

Not really. It is twins plus an extra that happened to be available. I love this show just like I loved Parenthood.

I’m home a few days on my own so I’m binge watching now. Just wish our place wasn’t so darn dusty in here.

The show doesn’t do anything for me – constant melodrama just exhausts me – but I completely understand its appeal (I also hear about it a lot because of adoption stuff). It swoops right in to fill the void that Parenthood left in my wife’s heart.

I think Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, and especially Sterling K. Brown are all great – good for them that their show is so popular. Hard to believe that Milo played the guy from Heroes so long ago.

Way to spoil the surprise Laura! :)

I really enjoy it. It hasn’t hit the melodrama level this year that it did sometimes in its first season. It keeps things light enough often enough for me.

I’ve just consumed season one of this and am onto season 2. I’m not a huge fan of them continually drawing Jack’s death out. Just show it already!

Also this was impossible to find on discourse, even when searching for "this is us". I had to resort to Google. So I’m bumping the thread incase anyone else failed to search…

haha, that’s an inadvertent consequence of a bland name. I’m sure the folks running the show want better SEO. Glad to hear Google has us covered.

Jack is in the show so much they could probably recut it and separate it into its own series called “This Was Us.”

I stopped watching it and never did discover how he died. I think it was a car accident, but they didn’t say if he was drunk or not.

That was a red herring. The actual situation is different.

Really? Thanks for letting me know. I’m so glad I stopped watching. Shit like that makes me realize they don’t really have a story in mind. They’ve got a premise and that’s about it. You’ll get to the end and it was all a dream. Count me out.

The way he died did not strike me as… a lack of planning.