Anyone watching Young Sheldon?

Recently, I am watching Young Sheldon. I found that almost every person pays much attention to little Sheldon. Douedlessly, he is genius and cute. But I like the daughter much more, I think She is funny and emotionally intelligent.
Does anyone like this girl in the series?

So I’m guessing you like the show?

I know everyone hated Big Bang Theory, but I generally enjoyed it. It did NOT, however, tempt me in the least to watch Young Sheldon. You’re saying it’s actually a decent show?

Not everyone. I basically enjoyed the show but thought it ran a little long. We have avoided Young Sheldon though, just no interest in it.

I am just saying the girl is cute.

I loved it from start to finish.

My wife and I have always enjoyed both Young Sheldon and Big Bang.

I notice that recently the sister is getting more of a role on Young Sheldon, so I guess you are not alone in your preferences. My sense, though, is that her character is much better as a reaction to Sheldon than an independent character. But I think that both shows excel at people reacting to other people – both are very funny looks at how people respond to other people acting absurdly.

His sister showed up a few times on Big Bang, and she was always a fun addition when she did, so it’s not shocking – although I’m glad! – that they are running with that on the younger version.

Does this series have a laugh track too? I am so over laugh tracks. In fact I saw on the interwebs somewhere a scene where they deleted the laugh track, and . . . holy cow was it unfunny.

I hate laugh tracks so very much, but the reason that it’s going to be unfunny with it removed is that the comedy is written to fit it in. Any time you ruin the timing a lot you’re going to mess up the flow and then the comedy goes away.

This comes to mind, if you haven’t seen it it’s pretty funny and is sort of an exaggerated example of the above point (but with drama instead of comedy):

I still think this show would have been better off if it wasn’t about Sheldon, it essentially turns it into a sort of tragicomedy. And they keep contradicting things Sheldon has said about his childhood in the BBT of course which I find annoying.

Maybe adult Sheldon is a liar, liar pants on fire?

Thankfully it doesn’t. I initially had no interest in it, I thought it would be an update of the 80s sitcoms with a wacky kid. It isn’t.

It is funny but also sad. We happen to have a Sheldon at home. Very smart, on the spectrum, lots of quirks that drive us mad. The show touches on theses things albeit there is some skipping on much of the difficulties.

I think it merits watching the first episode at least.

Thanks for those thoughts, I’ll check it out when I get CBS AA again to catch up on Picard.