Anything cool and original coming out this year?

Looking at the future releases, it looks like Psychonauts and The Movies are it. Anything else likely to be cool and original this year?

Several DS games. Offhand, I’m thinking of Pac Pix, Catch Touch Yoshi, and Kirby’s Magic Paintbrush.

I’m looking forward to:

Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat (GC) - 2D platformer played with bongos!
Nintendogs (DS) - Virtual pet game that looks to be quite fun
Wanda and the Colossus (PS2) - Ico pseudo-sequel where you battle giant monsters by climbing up their huge frames


Are they moving/doing things as you climb?


Are they moving/doing things as you climb?[/quote]
Indeed they are.

I can’t wait. Ico is really the poster child for the industry in regards to “games being art”. And looks like Wanda will be the next one. Of course, it’s also being made by the same team…heh.

If all the features they are advertising work and are fun, Stalker. Though its just been delayed and they aren’t giving a release date.

Bub the Zombie (not sure if I have the title right) and Destroy All Humans seem pretty promising.

Can’t wait for Wanda and the Colossus either.

Also can’t wait for them to change to a less stupid name.

Your requirement for cool AND original limits the pool considerably. The video on the OXM disc for Psychonauts makes it look very impressive, but I’m not seeing much original stuff after March. Or even derivative stuff after March, for that matter. The Iron Phoenix demo was VERY unimpressive. Got the God of War demo in the mail yesterday, that might be cool.

Maybe it’s all being saved for E3, but I’m afraid it’s all being saved for the next generation.

Its Stubbs the Zombie. Just herd about this recently and it sounds like it could be fun.

Not much has been announced but often stuff crops up at E3 etc.

I think companies try to keep stuff quite this time of year.


While not what would be considered cool, but original, Children of the Nile is being released in Europe on the 4th. It released in the US in November, but might just as well be a 2005 title for the US too, since anything that didn’t have a *2 at the end of the title was buried this Xmas.

No. Plus, PC gaming is doomed.

I’ve never been a swag whore but I want whatever zombie swag is there for stubbs. I hope they have some anyways - it’s a low budget title isnt it? (low budget as in, not having a huge budget, not low budget as in, activision ‘value’)

Oh yeah I forgot about that one. I thought the actual title was “Rebel Without a Pulse.”

Well there isn’t a lack of dull and derivative games

What does PC stand for in 2006? Port Console

I need to get a ps2 one day.

Give me a better idea of what types of games you enjoy. What have you considered to be “cool and unique” in the past 2 years?

Star wars: Republic Commando may not be original, but it is definitely cool.

Pariah looks spendid.

Phantom Dust for the Xbox kicks all kinds of ass. On paper it sounds average, but pick up a controller and it is spectacular.

Killer 7 has possibilities.

Phantom Dust for the Xbox kicks all kinds of ass. On paper it sounds average, but pick up a controller and it is spectacular.

I’m going to have to chime in here. Phantom Dust is every kind of cool you can imagine, and then a few more just for good measure. Plus it’s being released at the budget price of $20. If you have Xbox Live, and you don’t get this game, you will be doing yourself an incredible disservice.

I need to get a ps2 one day.[/quote]

I’d say the PS2 is the best console if you’re looking for cool and original. It is the only console have enough market share to support brilliant creative games like Katamari Damacy, Ico, and Rez. Or at least get publishers into thinking that there are enough PS2 gamers that somebody will buy copies of a game, no matter how niche or unique it is.


Hey, whatever happened to Sega rereleasing Rez? Wasn’t that supposed to go down last fall?

I’m also holding out hopes for Johnny Whatever. Could be very bad, could be very good.

I’m hoping for something to keep my Amplitude fix in check while I wait for Harmonix to do something new (and Karaoke Revolution is great fun, but I want more Amplitude, dammit!), and it might do the trick.
“i have not been informed why it didn’t happen, but i would imagine it was a lack of retailer interest. guess what retailers didn’t have any money to buy during the biggest november for games EVER? oh yeah, niche titles that had already failed at retail once.”

Yes, I’d love to see another Harmonix music title!

Oh, and to add to my earlier list:
Wario Ware: Twisted (GBA)
Wario Ware: Touched (DS)

While sequels, they’ll likely provide more creative content than 95% of everything else released this year.