Anything HOMM-like on the GBA?


So I’m playing Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones on my new DS and it’s giving me an itch to play Heroes of Might & Magic. Can anyone suggest a GBA game (or DS, even) that is similar to that classic?



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If you can find it, there’s actually a HOMM that came out for the Game Boy Color.

Yeah, there’s HoMM for Game Boy Color. You must have a GBA SP or GBA to play it though. It won’t work on a DS.


Actually there were two HOMM titles released for the Gameboy Color.

You might be interested in Disciples which is coming out for the DS. The Disciples games for the PC were very good HOMM clones with better artwork.

Edit: Heck I’m so good. I even found brand new copies of both for sale.

HOMM 1 here.

HOMM 2 here.

How, exactly, does Disciples work?

Because I’d kill a man for a portable King’s Bounty. Someone get on that, eh?

You might be interested in Disciples which is coming out for the DS.

Really? When is it supposed to be released?

With AWDS, AoE, and Disciples the DS looks like it could be the system to have for TB strategy games.

Just beware those HOMM games since you only have a DS. They will not work on that system. You need a Game Boy Color, GBA or GBA SP to play them.


I’m not sure they have a release date. I found this news article from 1Up:

The recent Age of Empires announcement won’t mark the last PC strategy game coming to the Nintendo DS. Strategy First and Pocket PC Studios have announced a contractual relationship that will bringing many of Strategy First’s hits to the DS, starting with Jagged Alliance and Disciples.

“I’m thrilled to have the chance to make both the Jagged Alliance and Disciples franchises available on the Nintendo DS platform. The Disciples franchise is very close to my heart, and I look forward to playing it on Nintendo’s newest handheld system,” said Pro Sotos, Manager of Business Development at Strategy First.

Though Jagged Alliance and Disciples are the first games benefiting from the new partnership, Strategy First and Pocket PC Studios promise they aren’t the last. No details on the ports have been released. The upcoming Age of Empire port changed the game from real-time-strategy to turn-based, and it’s uncertain what changes are in store here.

I’m pretty excited! And how cool is the name Pro Sotos? I’d buy any game from a guy named Pro Sotos!

I’m pretty excited! And how cool is the name Pro Sotos? I’d buy any game from a guy named Pro Sotos.

No kidding. That get’s me pretty excited also. Glad to see I’ll be able to get my turn-based fix somewhere.

Grand! Thanks for the info, friendlies. I’ll keep an eye out for Disciples.

I tried to find a review for HoMM2 for the GBC but failed. Does anyone know if it’s any good?

I have HOMM2 for the GBC and it’s pretty faithful to the original. The graphic are a little hard to understand due to the small size of the Icons, but you do get used to it. Same deal with the controls. It takes a lot longer to go through things like battle because to have to use the D-Pad instead of a mouse. Also, my save file got corrupted once and I had to start the whole thing over.

I actually know Pro (sounds like a Nike commercial - “You know Pro?”… “I know Pro!”)…

He seems to be a very nice guy (over the phone, at least) and Strategy First is going in positive directions.

Therefore you should buy a game from Pro… He would be appreciative! 8)

I came across this little nugget today:

Pocket PC Studios is currently working on a new title: codenamed Heroes.

While one of our very own staffmembers (Ben) found out about this two weeks ago already, it took us and the rest of the world this long to come up with this: Pocket PC Studios is working on a new Nintendo DS title codenamed Heroes.

On Pocket PC Studios’ forums, Ben (aka Skarmachild) asked the developers how many Nintendo DS products the company is actually working on. The answer was that PPC Studios have 4 DS titles lined up over the next 18 months - Europa Universalis II, Jagged Alliance 2, Disciples II and an as yet un-announced title code named Heroes.

In other news, it appeared that Disciples II shows remarkable similarities with the PC hit title Heroes of Might & Magic. Whether Heroes is based on this title as well remains unknown for the moment.

Perhaps there’ll be a new HOMM for the DS :)

[Also, take a peek at these Disciples II screenies]

I have HOMM II for the GBC. I have no manual and was never able to figure out the controls.