Anything like Advance Wars/Risk coming out for PSP?

I was just wondering if any of you had heard of any titles that are turn-based game like Advance Wars or even Risk slated for release on the PSP?

I had a Gameboy Advance with a ton of games while in the hospital 2 years ago, but whil I was out of my room for a cat scan it (and all the games) were stolen. I never replaced it since insurance and the hsopital would not cover it. So I waited for the PSP and have had t for many months but outside of Ridge Racer and Hot Shots golf have been disappointed with the games available. So, out of all the games I’d played on the Gameboy Advance, my absolute favorites were “Advance Wars” and “Harvest Moon”. Hopeing one of you might have some information I missed that shows some kind of turn-based wargame in developement for the PSP? I’m guessing Harvest Moon would never come out for PSP since it’s a Nintendo exclusive?

Thanks for the feedback! :)

Field Commander is so doggone 3D that it’s not immediately apparent that Sony is going for a piece of the Advance Wars pie. Based on the screens and feature list, I’m guessing it’s supposed to be an Advance Wars that doesn’t scare off adults who can’t handle kiddie graphics.


Excellent thanks Tom. I looked through all their media and I see no semblence of a nice large strategic map. Oversight, or is it really all “just that close-in”?

There’s also a Dai Senryaku in development as well. Probably won’t be a cuddly as Advance Wars, but it is some turn-based goodness for you.

And Lord Of The Rings:Tactics. If it’s as good as either Final Fantasy Tactics or Dynasty Tactics, it’ll be worth keeping an eye on.

Field commander looks very very nectaris/military madness-y. A good thing, IMO.

I still play military madness (playstation version) on my pocketpc all the time, even while owning the DS and all the awars games.