Anything New or Different About GTA DoublePack?

I wouldn’t blame you. The only places i can find mention of them now are a few FAQs. To their credit, the Hyman Condo deal was miraculously fixed for the PC version, apparently. I don’t know if they did the same for the Cherry Popper Savepoint of Death.

I think GTA 3 and VC were some of the most polished error free games I have played



I’ve played GTA3 PC for 40-50 hours. Other than typical technical glitches which occure in almost any 3D game I didn’t encounter any major bug that would have annoyed me on my way through the game. I don’t think it even crashed once. Also, the performance was fine on the system I had at that time (800MHz CPU, GeForce 2 MX). Same for two other friends of mine who played it.

Yeah, the old “performance was fine for me” bit. Never gets old. And tell those 2 friends i said hi.

Fine is what? It didn’t require you to lock the framerate at 30 FPS to load a save? It didn’t act like it was in slow-mo when you didn’t? Or does it mean that you never had to come to a complete stop for 5 seconds before the game caught up enough to properly load an area?

I know your entire schtick here is whining, Jon, but you aren’t making a very strong case against allegorical evidence e.g. Vice City’s lousy performance by sarcastically asking rhetorical questions.

Was i supposed to make a comprehensive bullet list with links to reference screenshots and .avis in the light of a “Works fine for me” statement?

When you can search the newsgroup and see no mention of the bug, see no mention of crashes, no mention of any technical glitch…

Yeah, the old “performance was fine for me” bit.

I think the “I am going to whine my ass off over problems only I seem to be having” is what is getting a little old.


When you can do that, you can also pull 10’ Steinway out of your ear."Vice+City"+area+load&hl=en&lr=&ie=UTF-8&selm=zBxya.954460%24S_4.970961%40rwcrnsc53&rnum=2

But hey, let me dig and find links to every known case on the 'net. And i can do a nice Koontz tally to find just how many people are having which specific problems. I’m certainly not going to blame you for not hitting every obscure keyword for some of the problems, but “no mention” my ass.


Can you please have you brother post a heart felt, “You may not have known him well, but my brother just died in a car accident post” post? Please?

It is almost like Mark and Tom had idiot pigeon food stored up and one day spread it out and attracted them.


Aw Chet, baby, honeybunch, what’s wrong now?

Add my vote to:

GTA3 and GTA:VC (PC) = no bugs, rare crashes.

No performance issues on either.

I think Jon R. hates himself and this reflects on the games listed above.

Mouse/keyboard pwns. I got so frustrated with aiming on the PS/2 sticks in VC that I returned the PS2 version to trade for the PC version. Happiness central, then. As for the analogue controls for vehicles, meh. Nothing is forcing me to hold a key down. Taps on said keys work pretty well, if not as smooth. (“Just tap it in. Just a little tappy.”)


I had performance issues with GTA3 back on my AMD XP 1600+ and GF4 Ti4200 – the slowmo problem.

I haven’t tried it recently on my new rig.