Anyway to prevent installing Windows 11?

So I get on my computer today and find that there’s a message saying that Windows 11 will be installed on next start up. Apparently it’s downloaded and everything. I normally reject these options to install Windows 11 but my 9 year old has been using the computer a lot recently and I’m wondering if he clicked OK just to close a pop up window and agreed to the download. I’ve paused updates for the maximum amount of time (35 days) but is there any way I can prevent this download from installing?

I’m guessing you could look it up on Google…if nothing else you should be able to roll it back after…. but why? 10 is old. I’ve been on 11 here and at the office for years now without any issues.

It’s also a bit more annoying, and Windows 10 runs slightly better.

There is a Go Back feature.

I have seen multiple benchmarks and tests from sites I trust that say that this isn’t true.

Right now I think the main reason to not upgrade is if you’re on a system where all your drives are still MBR and not GPT. It’s a hassle to convert them, but it’s possible if you don’t want to just reformat.

I don’t like change. If i install it and don’t like it I’ll be back here to whinge about it, to be sure!

There will be a growing period where you are relearning a few things that you probably knew before, for sure, it’s not all roses and adorable kittens. But generally the UI changes have proven for the best (at least to me) with some nice to haves I find I miss when I’m back on Windows 10 now.

There is one trick to update the Registry so the OG Windows 10 right-click menu is restored, someone shared it here … found it. @sillhouette did, here is the link.

It works great, I deployed it via group policy to everyone at my office since many of my newer laptops/desktop came with Windows 11 so several of my users were forced into it (since I was not going to spend time wiping the laptop and putting Win10 back on it). To WIndows 11’s credit, none of those users have ever called me to ask how to do something they used to know in Windows 10, which honestly shocked me.

It’s only been out for a year and a half…?

Okay, so then I’ve been on it for almost a year and a half. Sorry I didn’t go dig up my notes in my off the cuff statement!

W11 is basically fine, unless you like any of the taskbar/start UI stuff Microsoft murdered in which case you’ll have to use a third-party program which Microsoft will occasionally break in an update causing explorer to crash over and over. Thanks, Microsoft! 🖕

I’m not sure what the concern is for this thread. There’s a clear “Ignore this offer I want to stay on Windows 10” dialog box you can choose.

Ah, you’re right. The data I had in my head was stale. It looks like it actually runs slightly better after recent fixes and improvements.

I’m going to upgrade one of my boxes now. :EmbarrassedLaughEmoji:

My buddy says it annoys him with a full screen “UPDATE NOW” nag every third or fourth boot. Weirdly I don’t think I’ve ever been asked to do it except when I first started the machine up and they were like “are you suuuuuuure you don’t want to do Win 11???”

There’s a “I want to stay on windows 10” button

I get that, but Windows 11 didn’t really feel much bigger of an update than Win10’s major updates that they’d do a couple times a year.

You’re going to be forced onto Win11 eventually. It’s mature enough that you’re not going to be dealing with early adopter issues, so my approach would just be to bite the bullet now. Honestly, my work laptop is still on Win10 while my computers at home are on Win11 and most of the time I wouldn’t be able to tell you which one I was running if the taskbar wasn’t visible.

Yes, and he presses it, but then 3 to 4 restarts later it’s back and he has to press it again. THis has not been my experience…maybe because I logged in with an MS account and he didn’t?

in my recent (less than 3 months ago) it was offered 2-3 times and there’s a more definitive ‘don’t ask me ever again’

That’s probably why. I had similar issues for the first decade on my Macbook, which I was running without an Apple account. There are always some odds & ends that don’t work quite right for that obscure use case.

The surprising thing to me is how long Win 10 has been around. To me it feels like yesterday! Probably because I waited until Win 7 was end of life to switch over.

They have begun nagging me to upgrade now, too. Just got my first startup screen interruption today…

I get them periodically. I have little interest until there’s a compelling reason to switch as I know there will unerringly be something or other which won’t work after the change. And sure, while it won’t be a crucial bit of software and may in fact be something I haven’t used for a year, there’s just no reason to put myself through it until I have to.