AOE3 1.02 patch update done

I do okay in my online outings, but then all I’ve been playing against is Orph, so who knows what that means. :wink:

I’m SuperHiro on gamespy also, so it’d be cool to get some DoW on as well.

Just wondering, one of my biggest complaints regarding AoEIII was that your armies would just descend into giant blobs when they fought. But I recall reading somewhere that this wasn’t the case earlier in development. You soliders would stay in a nice formation when firing and stuff. But they scrapped this in favor of an AoK-like system at the last minute, which IMO is an atrociously stupid decision. Am I completely off base?

Yeah, they had said that they wanted to avoid the “swirling mass of crap”. But they didn’t for one reason or another.


There’s a bunch of posts about it in the Age Community forums back from around when we shipped.

Basically it got taken out because we couldn’t get it to the level of fun / unbugginess that we wanted. So we decided it was better to go with something tried and true rather than replacing something that worked with something that didn’t.

I just played some AOM titans expansion , the game seems more intricate then AOE3, but I think I found it easier to get into AOE3. If anyone wants to do some AOM I’m Pfreak on ESO. I’m usually not on it since I haven’t really played AOM much.

Is it something that’s going to get reimplemented or reworked on until it works? It’s a pretty big deal, for me anyway. I like to have some degree of micro control (esspecially with artillery) and it’s really hard to do that well in a “swirling mass of crap”. DoW gets away with it because of squad control. It’d be great to have something resembling that level on control.

well I just finshed 2 online matches with AOM, I’m really liking the game again, maybe because I’ve gotten alittle better with rts games since I bought it. I’m liking the egypitan side right now since they get alot of upgrade bonuses.