AoE3 Patch 1.05 Released!

Age of Empires® III v1.05
The Complete Patch Release Notes
Feb. 27, 2006
Patch 1.05 – The Complete Patch Notes


Added beta version of the new rating system to ESO, Power RatingFor more information please refer to this post.

Added Stand Ground Formation to the game

Units in Stand Ground formation will not move from their position, even when under attack, but will fire upon or attack anything within their range. Stand Ground formation has been added in response to fan feedback and will give players a new level in control over their armies.

Attack move button and hotkey added

In response to fan feedback, official support for Attack Move has been added. Military units will now have a new Attack Move button in the interface. Attack Move also has a hotkey which defaults to X but can be changed via the hotkey editor.

Hispaniola map has been added

This new map is a land mass, surrounded by water, with a large bay on the west side of the island. The bay always contains several whales, so it can be a strategically valuable to control as a source of coin. At the center of the island is a large mountain which provides an obstacle which creates walling options.

Recorded game playback interface improved significantly

During playback of recorded games you can now see the technologies a player is researching and units they are creating. As well you can see each player’s home city and the cards they are sending.

Added Option for minimized multiplayer chat

At the Options screen under UI Options you can select a new option, Enable Minimized Chat UI. This option is for expert players that want to save on screen space.

Added games list filtering options

New filtering options added to the custom games list on ESO.

Added Option to save games list filter settings

At the Options screen under Game Options you can select a new option, Save Game List Filter Settings. If you select this any changes to the custom games list filter will be saved.

Numerous fixes made to the original attack move command

Deathmatch games have reveal map on by default

Deathmatch starting crates were removed from most maps

Fixed an issue where watching a recorded game overwrote home cities

Fixed an issue where playing an old saved single player game would revert your home city to the older state

Ranged Cavalry Caracole tech fixed so it now applies to all ranged cavalry

Added support for removing the new larger game pause box, implemented in the previous patch; add “hidepopups” to your user.cfg to get the original game paused art

Fixed an issue where a player could not unpause when the chat box was open

Fixed an issue with pausing during playback of a recorded game

Changed text in the unpause box from Cancel to Unpause

Unpause box will now appear during playback of a recorded game

Fixed an issue where you could age-up in multiple Town Centers

Added default banner art for numerous units

Exiting playback of a recorded game now takes you to the main menu

When playback of a record game finishes a message is displayed stating the record game has finished

Fixed art for Ottoman Galley card

Fixed German Native American Warriors card; now makes Natives less expensive

Fixed a display issue where mercenaries would appear to have no cost upon reaching the Imperial Age

Added support for modifying user created custom random map names:[ul]
In the custom random map’s xml file if you use a stringID, it will still use the stringID (takes preference over the raw text version.)

To change the tooltip description you get when you mouse over the level name in the list, add detailsText=“here is my description”

To change the text on the load screen, add loadDetailsText=“here is some more stuff”[/ul]
Fixed a number of issues where a sentence would appear in English in a non-English version of the game

Fixed an issue where an old victory condition would sometimes fire upon reaching the Industrial Age

Fixed an issue where a fort or outpost could get in an unbuildable state

Portuguese Ten Musketeer card rollover fixed

Fixed bug with Ranged Cavalry hand attack bonus vs Cavalry


Game lobby now shows if a game is rated or unrated, as well as showing if no experience will be gained from playing the game

Added , , mouse wheel scroll and double click functionality to numerous spots in ESO

Changing #players will unready everyone

Typing text in chat box and switching to a different ESO window no longer erases the text

Many Clan chat fixes

Change to clan functionality such that you may only demote someone that is below your rank, you may only promote someone that is two ranks below you

When two players computers can not communicate they can no longer join the same game lobby

Fixed numerous issues with joining and creating a clan

Confirmation now required when removing someone from a clan

Fixed an issue where a player could join a non-existent chat channel

Added cancel button to games list filter

Fixed an issue where a chat channel would have be password protected after unchecking password protection

Added ability to remember nickname at login screen

Games that go out of sync no longer create a save game

Fixed art for clan message error box

Fixed an issue where an error message was displayed when trying to add a valid user to your friends list after trying to add an invalid name

Many text improvements made to the Home City Tab in ESO

When trying to create a new account, the interface now states only one username per cdkey

Fixed an issue where a user would not see their home city experience after finishing a game until they restarted Age3

Fixed an exploit that would let a user see the post-game screen during the game

Games list now sorts All Maps and Standard Maps correctly

Fixed a bug where you could enter a password answer that exceeded the maximum character limit of the actual password

Statistics section at Home City tab in ESO can now scroll

No longer able to delete Home city that you are current viewing on ESO

Fixed an issue where the wrong avatar would be displayed in the game lobby

No longer able to attempt to invite offline players to a game using the friends list

First line of chat in a chat room should no longer be obscured

Fixed an issue where a game would go out of sync when a user tried to join the game after it had launched

Fixed an issue where some characters would not appear in the add friends box

Player Rank Title shown at map loading splash screen

Fixed an issue where a person receiving multiple invites was unable to accept any of them

Games list now grays out games the user is illegible to play

Abbasid Market upgrade now reduces prices appropriately

Skirmisher speed reduced by 1

Jaeger speed reduced by 1

Town Center hit points increased by 1000

All Villagers maximum range set to 12

Engineering school has less effect on cannons created from the factory

Portuguese start with 1 more Villager

French start with 1 less Coureur

Cassadore cost changed to 80 food 35 gold

Cassadore line of sight increased

Quarter Master Politician now delivers 400 wood instead of 500

Abus Gun range decreased to 18 and line of sight decreased to 22

Mercenaries now take 60 seconds to send from the Home City

Crossbows cost changed to 40 food 40 wood

Janissary attack reduced

Livestock Pen cost reduced to 200 wood

Wallenstiens Contracts tech cost increased to 4000 gold

Envoy build limit increased to 5

No longer allowed to build trade posts near opponents’ starting Town Centers

Culverin range and line of sight increased

Russians start with 1 extra food crate

Dutch start with 1 extra gold crate

Native American Treaties card now sends 600 resources worth of units

Cards that sent sheep now send more sheep

Card that sent cows now send more cows

Northwest Passage card coureur bonus vs treasure guardians boosted

Explorer Cards for all civilizations now give increased hitpoints and damage for explorers

20 Pikemen card now sends 24 Pikemen

20 Crossbowmen card now sends 24 Crossbowmen

Fencing School card further decreases infantry train time

Riding School card further decreases cavalry train time

Improved Buildings card boosted from 30 to 40% bonus hitpoints to buildings

Extensive Fortifications now also increases tower hitpoints

Stonemasons card increases building speed of buildings by 65%

Stockyards card boosted livestock fatten rate

Fulling mills card increased livestock gather rate

Royal Mint card boosted mine and plantation rate from 1.15 to 1.2

Rum Distillery card boosted Plantation gather rate

Textile Mills card boosted Plantation gather rate

Rendering Plant card boosted Fishing boat gather rate

Team Envoy card now sends more envoys per player

Advanced Frontier Defenses card now sends 4 tower wagons

Team Cheap Market card effect increased

Medicine card makes villagers train even faster

Dutch Raiding Fleet now delivers an extra Fluyt

Spanish Riding School card (a German card) bonus changed; now affects cavalry speed and no longer effects cavalry train time

Team Fatter Sheep card effect increased

Team Fast Houses card effect doubled

Cheap Manors card makes manors even cheaper now

Native Warriors card for Germans now affects the cost of native units correctly

Advanced Trading Post card now drops wood cost of trade posts by 40%

Recruit Privateer Armada card now sends 5 ships but the cost is also reduced

Schooners card effect increased

May be time for me to get back into this then.


Looks like a good patch, I’m excited. I’m on most every day as yurislave if anyone wants to PM me.

Woo! Attack-move! Now to play my Protugese city until it gets the Ronin!

I may have to put it on my list now, although I have gal civ 2 ahead of it, and currently am occupied with empire at war, and WoW.

How does the home city thing work now? You can take your single player home city with you online?

Don’t think so. They are separate. In fact, I like playing my mp cities so much it forces me online.

The attack-move is huge, but they need hotkeys for sniping and others.

Played the new map. Interesting.

In all, a lot of good fixes.

So how does the “attack-move” button work here?

With the X key, oddly enough. Hit X and right click. Your units will stop and fight when they get in range of an enemy. Yay! Finally!

I’m still trying to come up with a mnemonic, since all I’ve got so far is “e(X)cuse me, Gentlemen – and savages – but if you happen to see any opponents on the way to the location I’m about to give you, would you be so kind as to engage them forthwith?”


Wow mnemonics. I never even thought of using them to memorize hot keys. I’ve always just used the brute force repitition method. Looking over the hotkeys I’m already a AOE III powerhouse using your method. Thanks Tom Chick you’ve changed my life.

Someone mentioned in a forum that Alt-Right clicking works as well. I have not tried it yet, but it was mentioned a few times as an undocumented feature.

Finally I can get back into aoe 3, did they fix the patching system? I remember it was a bitch to install 1.03, took forever and it looked like my computer was freezing trying to install it.

I’m on as Pfreak, if anyone wants to play, probably be easier to pm me here then in game.

Anyone keen to try this out this weekend? (Has to be in the evening Eastern time.) I haven’t upgraded most of my MP cities in a month or two, but now that the attack move is in I have a little motivation to give it a spin.


I might be able to do something friday night, if they fixed the downloading process.

I think it’s “X” for “Be (X)cellent To Each Other”.

Yeah, lots of people cranked on this patch, I’m glad they got it out there. I may launch a new home city or two myself…

Acutally if they follow normal RTS buttom maps you do not need to memorize keys like that.

In most cases its the A key which is attack or attack move depending on the context. X is an odd choice.

I’ve remapped mine to A. But I’d still LOVE hotkeys for formations and sniping. I can’t believe they haven’t been enabled yet.

I’m Natus on ESO. Hell, I’m Natus on AoK, AoM, and AoE3. Playing Russians and may just see how the Dutch are doing. PM me here.

My favorite hotkey is G for Ungarrison. G as in “Get the fuck back to work!”

Just finshed playing a few rounds, the game still doesn’t feel balanced to me, as rushing seems to be the best viable strategy. They really need to make defenses cheaper to protect. The janassiary nerf hurts alittle bit, they’re building damage went down a good amount. They still haven’t fixed what to do if your rushed as the dutch though.

pfreak, it’s the post-patch consensus that the Dutch were hurt worst by the patch, though others think that they are still viable. I’d say early skirms and pikes are going to be essential!

BTW, ES_Deathshrimp has stated that they will be working on unit stance hotkeys. Hotkeys for explorer powers may take some time, as they are harder to implement.

All I want to do is snipe, is that so wrong?

Yeah feels that way, seems that if I don’t age up first I will always lose as the dutch even if it’s by a minute. All the guy did was send 15 native american archers ( don’t know the type) to my base and killed me before I could have gotten a single defender out.

I’ve got Tom, yurislave and pfreak on ESO (and Natus, of course). Whom else is on?