AOM: WFT please?

HELLO…can you help me understand the talking in AOM??? Can you translate the egypts…what does YOU I AIR mean?? Is this for real egypts talking??? THANKS!!!

In the previous games, as I recall, it was made up fake languages. Like simlish in the Sims, but before that.

We used to have great fun at the place I worked circa 1998, randomly quoting various phrases from Age of Empires-- or at least what we thought they were saying. Lemonade?

That’s wrong. I’m not sure about the first Age of Empires but Age of Kings definitely used correct expressions from the real-world languages associated with each culture. You probably didn’t understand them because relatively few people these days understand Old High German, for instance, which is what the Teutons were speaking…

Age of Mythology also uses real languages. At least the Greeks in the demo speak actual Classical Greek. I guess the choice for the Egyptians would be to either have them speak Coptic or to invent some pronunciation for hieroglyph transliterations. Nobody here is likely to understand either (though I’ll be sure to look up the expressions in my Ancient Egyptian dictionary when I get the game :) ).

Yeah, those are real languages. In all three games.
Is it just me, or is the voice for the Cyclops somehow… perfect?

I wish they changed the voices… it sounds TOO much like AoE/AoK. Except for the dwarves of the norse… mainly I just cant stand the same type of peasant voices.


Pro Segma. Pay Da Woman. Skey-Pawn.


P.S. You I Air.

I understand a bit of Greek so it’s a gas to hear them speak Greek. BTW, one of the heros, I think it’s Jason, says ‘ne’ (yes) perfectly. Reminds me of Command and Conquer on certain missions when you could select civilians and they would go, “Yeah?” “OK.” in this real offhand style. Jason’s ‘ne’ is like that, spoken just like a Greek.


The languages in AoK were real, like the Byzantines speaking Greek, but the ones of AoE were made-up, I believe. The languages of AoM are defintely for real. One of my Greek friends, Archon, posted up an interesting explanation of what the Greek units were saying, some of which he found slightly odd as a native speaker.

In the following list, bold font signifies which syllable should be stressed. Also note that the letter “g” corresponds to the Greek sound “y” as in “yes, Archon, you are wonderful.” Similarly, “ch” corresponds to an h-sound as in “Hide everybody, it’s the damn cursor again!" An exclamation mark after a verb (e.g. Collect!) denotes an order.

Expressing Readiness
Etimos: Ready (masculine)
Etimi: Ready (feminine)
Prostagma?: Orders?
Lege!: 1. Speak! 2. (Archaic) Collect!

Orthos: Correct.
Malista: Very well. / Yes, sir!
Ne: Yes
Kalos: Good, well.
vulome: I want to…

Job Descriptions
ergatis: worker
georgos: farmer

Battle Commands
Pame!: Let’s go!
Proseche!: Careful!
Eis Machin!: To the battle!
Eisvoli: Invasion! (The little bastards seem to say that all the time, making me scan around the screen for enemy units, until I realise that they were charging a chicken or pig. I am convinced that the moment I scroll away, they stop working and start laughing at me)

I mean [by rude] that I click on them and they reply: “Speak” rather than “What would your bidding be, oh illustrious one?”

Thanks Tim, that’s cool to know. Anyone find the Egyptian or Norse translations too?

We always liked to think that the Norse were always saying “Ski Pants”.


In AOE (the original) the made up gibberish was stuff like last names of ex-girlfriends and words backwards. As correctly pointed out earlier in this thread, in AOK and AOM we did the research to give them as close to accurate speech as we could.

The AoE languages were indeed made up. I can’t speak for the rest of the series, and I can’t find a source right now… but I remember reading interviews with the AoE designers where they discussed the synthetic phrases and how they came up with them.