AoW II: Anyone for a big pbem game?

I’m really enjoying AoW II and would like to give a big multiplayer map a try. Organizing an online session seems tough, so that leaves pbem. It’d take a while to play, but I like the idea of a grand epic gradually unfolding.

Anyone interested?

Choose your three most preferred races and respond here or email me at [email protected]

I’m in! Jason and I are plinking through a small introductory scenario and I’m doing an article on it with Bruce, but I’d love to take part in a larger scenario with lots of human players.


I’m in.

One turn a day? I’ll play.

I’ll play.

Sounds like fun. I’m not quite done with the campaign yet, but I have some vague idea which races I don’t want.

  • Alan


So far we’ve got seven including private emails. One more and we’ll seal it at eight.

Here are the races that are spoken for:

Draconians (if that’s what you mean by “fire guys,” Mark)
Dark Elves

If you haven’t yet done so, please give me your race dibs.

I’ll check out which maps will suit 8 players and post choices. Those who care can vote on which one to play here.

Dirt: Let me know your email address, unless you’ve already gotten in touch via a non-pseudonym.

Okay, I’ve poked around in the game and it looks like there are just two maps that support 8 players. Both have set races and spheres.

So I’m throwing out previous race choices. Sorry to be tedious, but this is what I now need from each of youse:


Map: Which of the two maps you would prefer.
Race1: The race you would prefer if we play the first map.
Race2: The race you would prefer if we play the second map.


Tigrans (Fire)
Undead (Death)
Elves (Life)
Goblins (Earth)
Halflings (Water)
Archons (Life)
Frostlings (Air)
Humans (Water)


Dwarves (Earth)
Undead (Death)
Elves (Life)
Orcs (Fire)
Archons (Life)
Draconians (Air)
Dark Elves (Death)
Humans (Water)

Email me ( [email protected] ) or post here.


We’ll be playing on Map 1: Broken Circle.


Bruce Geryk: Tigrans (Fire)
Mark Asher: Undead (Death)
Dirt: Archons (Life)
Paxton Mason: Humans (Water)


Elves (Life)
Goblins (Earth)
Halflings (Water)
Frostlings (Air)

Still waiting for Alan to choose. Mr. Chick and I will be picking up the leftovers.

We’ll be playing with “Exploration” turned off in case some players know the map already.

And we still need one player if anyone’s interested.

Woo hoo! Count me in! I love this game…

that is… if you’re still looking for people. =)

Okay, the game is now closed with a full eight human players. I’ll let everyone know via email once final races are selected and I’ve sent out the first turn.

Tom – When there are just two races left for you and I to choose from, should I just flip a coin to see who gets what?

have we started yet? I haven’t had my first turn!

See your email for update.

Thought I’d append to this topic instead of opening a new one, for the ongoing pbem game with:

lego warrior

Turn 2 played, and I am somewhat concerned with my rather open starting position. It doesn’t seem very defensible!

Looks like you guys have already progressed further than the 2002 game.

Has it?

I was just being snarky because all 13 2002 posts were about setting up the game, yet we see none about the actual game.

I wish you guys luck with this one, because I’d like to read about the escapades. Unfortunately, the last QT3, AOWIII, PBEM game fell apart just as the players were making contact with each other.

The most recent one was a comp stomp and it did finish. I knew I put together overview maps for it but was confused as to why I couldn’t find them on the forums, then remembered they went into someone’s Slack channel.

I believe it was QT3 league games channel.