aow pbem game

I may be wrong, but I think this was the last turn of the dwarf comet and the next one will not benefit from it.

Yes, the last turn of the comet. I made sure I was building something in all my cities to take advantage of it.

So, where are we at?

I’ll check my computer in about 15 minutes.

If it’s my turn I shall play.


it was my turn, so played and sent.

Absolutely nothing to report over here, although I did have a eureka moment (took me long enough!).

Same here, minus the eureka.

Stupid misclick cost me a hero!

Been there, done that!

Turn played and sent.

Interesting turn.

Turn played and sent.

Boring turn.

Your boredom is of great interest to me.

Were you planning on conquering that Tigran hovel?

What Tigran hovel?

The one just north of your army and scout.

My leader moved from left to right. In two turns he’ll reach a bandit camp, hopefully will clear it out, and will start moving from right to left.

Wax on, wax off.

I have an army? :)

Windscreen wipers: the game, coming soon from the masters behind Derpspace.

This turn was boring but stressful. Do I build Settlers or troops? Stupid Capital City.

Also, I hate lost production! Its the worst!

My evil plans have gone awry :(.

Really? I though it’s good plans that go awry. Like mine did. I miscalculated - it will take me two more turns to reach the bandit’s camp. So for now, I continue to go right.