aow pbem game

I’ve recieved my turn, I’m not ignoring it.

Dopwnloading AoW3 now, because I’ve been preoccupied with Planetfall.

It will be done by tonight no matter what happens!

EDIT: turn played, sent to Mysterio.

Nothing much happened. I discovered a village, which I shall conquer soon.

Thought about exploring on some ruins for some xp and loot, decided against it as I have few, and lower tier, units, so need to build myself up at least a little bit.

Received turn, played, sent.

Some action this turn, cleared a gold mine, much needed cash injection.
Also received a quest, which will pretty much determine my path of expansion.

Waiting for some key research to complete soon, very glad this showed up early.

Man, I don’t have a clue if I am doing well or not in this game.

too early to tell!

Keeping things moving. Back to you @BloodyBattleBrain.

A hound I liberated from a farm ran away from home. If you spot him, could you please return him to me? That would be swell!

Turns are moving fast. Good to see.

edit: progress in research and city construction, mine cleared, forces consolidated, have a game plan for the next few turns, urgently wanting a particular research to show up and it isn’t, realising my research capacity is low!!!

Turn sent

Turn completed. Back to you sir!

Noone else typing here!_ >O

Which is too bad. Everyone know about it, right?
Did you @ everyone so they know it exists, and can set the thread to watching?

I’ll send them all PMs soon.

Paging @legowarrior.

Your attention is required to keep the game moving. Prodding will continue until morale improves.

We thank you for your compliance.

Is it my turn? I will take a look.

And done. I really need to learn more about this game.

Hah, me too!


I need to remember what I used to know about this game! I’ve been faffing around in my local area, manage to conquer one city but lost a hero in doing so.

Doing better than I am…

edit: Turn played. Progress!

Rolled up a couple of local gold mines and watchtowers, and accepted my first quest. Dunno if I’m strong enough to handle it, but I guess I’ll find out.

Got no where fast. But it’s cool.

Oh, did we turn off city building? I thought we did.

Also, how do you expand your domain to actually use the surrounding buildings?