aow pbem game

I have an army? :)

Windscreen wipers: the game, coming soon from the masters behind Derpspace.

This turn was boring but stressful. Do I build Settlers or troops? Stupid Capital City.

Also, I hate lost production! Its the worst!

My evil plans have gone awry :(.

Really? I though it’s good plans that go awry. Like mine did. I miscalculated - it will take me two more turns to reach the bandit’s camp. So for now, I continue to go right.

Your video triggered some flashbacks of the Amiga, Super Mario and the Turtles games I played when I was…11, 12?

Good fun.

What’s going on.

Game played and sent.

I’ve had a busy busy week so far. Exciting stuff (in the week.)

I’ve realized that I keep forgetting that corporeal units can pass through obstacles. Wheeee!!!

Only when you push them hard enough.
My leader continues an uneventful journey to the right.

And I am stuck in the middle with you!

That was a boring turn.

Well things might get more interesting, as all the players on the board have been met. :S

Turn played and sent.

Risks taken, results to be seen.

A turn spent managing my empire is not exciting, so I won’t bore all of you.

All of you can feel safe now. I defeated the bandits. Yay! Now my leader can turn around and move left. There is a couple of archon swordsmen spawned nearby, so it’s about time for another heroic battle.

So, we meet at last!

Is it my turn?

I ought to check soon.

Doesn’t everyone have e-mail notifications enabled at least for when it’s their turn:

Online Multiplayer > PBEM - BETA > gear icon > three radio buttons under Email Notifications

I’ve had all three radio buttons enabled since the game started, so I always know whose turn it is.

I just post here when I am done with my turn. @BloodyBattleBrain comes right after me.

Yeah i got the email notification.

Planetfall is spoiling me because Steam sends you a notification that it’s your turn.

I should be done in about a day.