aow pbem game

A hound I liberated from a farm ran away from home. If you spot him, could you please return him to me? That would be swell!

Turns are moving fast. Good to see.

edit: progress in research and city construction, mine cleared, forces consolidated, have a game plan for the next few turns, urgently wanting a particular research to show up and it isn’t, realising my research capacity is low!!!

Turn sent

Turn completed. Back to you sir!

Noone else typing here!_ >O

Which is too bad. Everyone know about it, right?
Did you @ everyone so they know it exists, and can set the thread to watching?

I’ll send them all PMs soon.

Paging @legowarrior.

Your attention is required to keep the game moving. Prodding will continue until morale improves.

We thank you for your compliance.

Is it my turn? I will take a look.

And done. I really need to learn more about this game.

Hah, me too!


I need to remember what I used to know about this game! I’ve been faffing around in my local area, manage to conquer one city but lost a hero in doing so.

Doing better than I am…

edit: Turn played. Progress!

Rolled up a couple of local gold mines and watchtowers, and accepted my first quest. Dunno if I’m strong enough to handle it, but I guess I’ll find out.

Got no where fast. But it’s cool.

Oh, did we turn off city building? I thought we did.

Also, how do you expand your domain to actually use the surrounding buildings?

I think BBB turned it on, didn’t he?

When a Town/Village/etc grows (via Population), its domain expands by a one hex radius. You can also build Outposts(?) that project your domain in order to claim the benefits of sites too far from your Towns/Villages/etc.

Stone walls and observatories and grand palaces also increase domain.

I think I left city settling on.

That is useful information.

Okay, this turn was a bit more successful, but obviously, I’m still in a rough position, and not poised to strike at anyone.

So my Leader was defeated due to a Halfling’s Lucky triggering (10% chance) on my counter-attack, which would have killed him, thereby preventing the little shit from delivering the killing blow. Thanks, RNG!