aow pbem game

It does not mean that, it seems :(

Nah. If that were the case, I believe the peace treaty would have been canceled if I allowed my scout to move into your domain. I think what happened was your domain expanded while my scout was adjacent to your domain border, thereby enveloping him.

@BloodyBattleBrain, can you confirm how it works?

Ah, my bad then. I know I’ve seen warnings that said something like “you are about to trespass in another wizard’s domain. This isn’t considered an act of war, but the other wizard may freely attack your units without penalty while they are trespassing”, so I thought that was what you did.

Why can’t we all be friends? Except for elfmeat, of course.

Liberated a village from undead raiders but lost a hero. My people mourn the hero. They seem to be completely ignoring the liberation of the village. Why is that?

Ooooh…good question.

I know for sure you can kill trespassers without triggering war.

And I think you can trespass even when under a treaty. I seem to remember doing similar shenanigans with concealed stacks in multiplayer, so I could keep an eye on people.

I know for sure you can do this in Planetfall, and I don’t think they changed this mechanic.

So I don’t think the peace treaty would have been cancelled by trespassing.

However, that doesn’t mean the other assertion is incorrect, it’s entirely possible domain expanded.

Another good question. I think there is a morale boost for conquering, but it is outweighed by losing a hero.

It’s not ideal, and in some cases the stacking morale malus of losing units can be chained t give quite a debuff, e.g. by systemically killing several scouts in a short period of time, even though, logically, no-one should care that a magically summoned crow got sniped, except maybe the caster?

I know I’ve tested the mechanics by instructing my scout to move into the domain of another with whom I have a peace treaty, but I have always canceled the order, since I personally don’t know what happens if I allow him to execute the order (I didn’t want to void the peace treaty, if that’s what would happen). So the only explanation I have is the domain expanding to envelop him.

Somewhat successful, I think.

I’m curious to see if independents attack cities?

I finally had an eventful turn! Managed to take out a group of marauders (led by a Magical being) that had been buzzing one of my cities for a long time. Next step is to take out the marauder generator that’s nearby. Lost a couple of inexperienced T1 red shirts in another battle, but they were happy to be of service.

@Mysterio, I trespassed into your territory without voiding the peace treaty this turn, and it looks like you did the same to me 8 turns before (you can check the diplomatic relations’ penalties).
I think it makes sense to set rules of conduct: is it ok to trespass? is it ok to kill trespassers? is trespassing equivalent to war declaration?

Another turn, another fallen hero. Fortunately, the morale penalty is not cumulative, but its duration was reset. Also lost an elite tier 3 unit. Will cry myself into sleep tonight.

A question to everyone: what do you like about your race / class / specialization?

Not a bad turn. The AI attacked me twice, and surprisingly, my armies did really good. Even a Tier 4 creature died to my forces somehow.

I really don’t understand this game, I think.

In the next few turns, I should see some of the results of my actions.

Now that I have eyes on that area, again, that village was one I had recently paid to join my empire, but was conquered by those undead marauders as I was bringing one of my armies to garrison it. So that’s unfortunate. :-(

Thanks for testing that!

Yes, I see that the game assessed each of us a -10 Empire Race Relations Modifier for trespassing while under a peace treaty, but I’m 100% certain I never willingly entered the domain of a peace partner. So it looks like the trespass penalty is assessed even when the domain expands to envelop a unit.

Regarding trespassers, open borders is a game mechanic, which I suspect allows trespassing (duh). IMO, then, if two empires have only a peace treaty between them, then units shouldn’t trespass without an OB agreement. If I find my units within a peace partner’s domain going forward, I’ll take the shortest path out of their domain ASAP. I hope others will do likewise when their units are within my domain.

The villagers deny they’ve seen any money. They suspect you paid the corrupt mayor who was last seen fleeing the village as the undead were closing in. If I’ll ever see him, I’ll demand he’d return all the money.

Oh yes, they do.

Ah, yes, the “poor lonely Orc Dread”, as BBB called him.

The Independent AI I mean.

They had some sort of Tier 4 unit, but were defeated. I lost a Gold Raider to it, sadly.

Silly AI!

Another uneventful turn. Rebuilt a city for the fist time evar. Was surprised to find out that the city started with more than 150 denizens. It’s probably not safe for the forum to discuss how were dead bodies of halfings used by goblins to boost their population, but I’m governing my peoples with a light hand and not trying to regulate their personal lives. Instead, I’m focusing on clearing any threats near Mysterio’s settlements. It’s a thankless job, but someone has to do it. Still miss my fallen heroes, especially the leader himself was sent to the void on the first turn.

Originally my mission, you could have “gifted” the village back to me and left that “thankless job” to me. But you didn’t.

Well, just like I said, a thankless job.

Some plans were put on hold this turn, but rest assured, all is going to plan…