aow pbem game

And please keep us observers informed.

Well, I just bought 5 dozen dragons and am going to fly in and attack everything!

@legowarrior, Zaldrīzes buzdari iksos daor

Also, when you are done with giving order to all of your dragons, could you please hit the end turn button?

Sorry, the 5 dozen dragons is in the other game.

I will try to play my turn as soon I get back home.

My second turn was quieter than usual, thanks to the weak starting units setting. There is a magma forge near my capital, but it’s defended by 2 flamers. I’m afraid I can’t take it without losses and every unit is precious to me.

As usual, I hurried construction of builders’ hall on the first turn. The upside of this is the ability to start working on another building right away. The downside is that if the leader falls within 5 turns, the double morale penalty will have a negative impact on the city output and can throw a monkey wrench into my plans. This actually happened to me in our first MP game. Another danger is running out of money and not being able to build anything even moderately expensive. Well, I’ll need to produce troops anyway, so maybe it’s not going to be an issue.

I met and made peace with an independent settlement and welcomed some refugees to my capital. I also spotted some production resources, but it will take some time to get to them.

I’ve had to de-toggle the option that reduces the squad size as they take damage because it’s messing with my head that they fight at full strength until the last unit falls!

It’s one thing I find that AoW gets wrong. I loved how MoM handled units, especially Halfling Swords men and slingers.

For some reason, I always overlook this option. What does it cost to hurry that building?

It’s 50 per skipped turn, I believe. So if, for example, it would take 3 turns to build the hall, it would cost extra 100 gold to have it built the next turn. It also imposes a -100 morale penalty for 5 turns, so it should be used sparingly. At the start of the game, though, your capital should have morale of 318 (including +25 for hiring a hero), so it’s very tempting to go with it.

I thought about doing that, but then I realized that I would have no money to build anything the next turn.

So, I thought I would wait until I got it down to 100 gold.

I’m afraid that there will be one or more turns when the morale penalty of hurrying production will not be mitigated by the morale bonus of hiring a hero.

Absolutely horrible turn. Just horrible.

No details?

The mystery makes it more interesting, don’t you think?

I’m the mysterious one! Just look at my name!

Right, so you should appreciate it more.

What I don’t appreciate is the tiny starting armies though.

No kidding. All my units have to scout, even the leader. It’s degrading.

I love the Tournament Game Flow settings! Really makes one think about how one uses their initial forces.

This was probably the second most boring turn I ever had. I ran out of money and couldn’t produce anything. The most boring was this turn in the previous MP game. For about 20 minutes I was looking at “Unknown Leader Moving” message, but nothing else was happening. Considering that @legowarrior resigned, does it mean @Thraeg won?

On my last turn, it showed that I was at 50 seal charges, and there was a message saying something to the effect of “victory is imminent. last chance for anyone to stop it”. I assumed that meant it would be official after everybody else got one more turn, but this is all uncharted territory for me, so who knows.

In any case, good game, all.