aow pbem game

No details?

The mystery makes it more interesting, don’t you think?

I’m the mysterious one! Just look at my name!

Right, so you should appreciate it more.

What I don’t appreciate is the tiny starting armies though.

No kidding. All my units have to scout, even the leader. It’s degrading.

I love the Tournament Game Flow settings! Really makes one think about how one uses their initial forces.

This was probably the second most boring turn I ever had. I ran out of money and couldn’t produce anything. The most boring was this turn in the previous MP game. For about 20 minutes I was looking at “Unknown Leader Moving” message, but nothing else was happening. Considering that @legowarrior resigned, does it mean @Thraeg won?

On my last turn, it showed that I was at 50 seal charges, and there was a message saying something to the effect of “victory is imminent. last chance for anyone to stop it”. I assumed that meant it would be official after everybody else got one more turn, but this is all uncharted territory for me, so who knows.

In any case, good game, all.

I will have my revenge.

One day!

But today is not that day?

What to report, what to report…

Oh! I haven’t lost a single unit, yet. That’s something, right? Have also met some friendly indies and run across too many spawners.

Put all my units together in a single stack and started to clear out treasure sites. I try to capture great farms first, because they are lightly defended and reward you with an animal. I usually use it as a scout, but in this game the boar will have to serve as a war pig. Captured some production resources, but lost a unit. He was brave and didn’t question my stupid orders, and that led to his death. RIP, unnamed hero.

I lost my hero early on.

Which is why I decide that if I can’t conquer shit, I would instead do other things. Like build things.

So what’s the deal with the sites whose icon on the zoomed out view is a classical building with a varying number of columns, the sites in which only one army can enter? Clicking on them lists varying colored strengths (Strong, Epic, Mythical, Legendary, etc.), which I assume is the strength of the army within it. If so, then what’s the significance of the varying number of columns on the icon, since the number of columns doesn’t correlate to the strength of the army within?

Also, what’s the order of the strength scale? Blizzard’s conditioned us to “know” Legendary > Epic. But where does Mythical fall? Is it even greater than Legendary, since I don’t think it exists in Blizzard’s world? Unlike in Planetfall, where they’re called Landmarks, come in three varieties (Bronze, Silver, and Gold), and are fully explained via the in-game help feature, I can’t find any explanation of this strength scale and number of columns.

The wiki has information on site armies.

Do you have a link?

Sadly no, I am on my phone.

I recall the the website describe the different types of units that might be guarding a resource, if you look up the location itself.

Should be under the strategic map section.

I lost a couple of units because of one misclick which hurt! Now scouting and recuperating.

I looked through that wiki previously, and never found any explanation of the meaning of the different strengths and the varying quantity of columns on the icon. If I’m just not seeing it, you’ll have to provide a direct link to the associated wiki pages, 'cause I’m blind!