aow pbem game

I don’t think so. I just picked whatever research looked most immediately useful, and didn’t really think that far ahead. But maybe the stuff I picked happened to be mostly on the beeline path toward them?

And no idea on the structure exploit, @Mysterio. It never would have occurred to me to try that.

I haven’t read anything about this exploit in AoW3. Considering how old the game is, I think rumors would surface some time ago. Haven’t tried it, so no first-hand knowledge.

This turn, I took control over a watchtower. Spotted one of the @legowarrior’s pets. Hmm… expected to see a tigran rogue with partisan, explorer, and grey guard specialization.

Last game, @Mysterio surprised me by having more tigrans among tier 2 units than elves. Why the change of heart?

Are you asking why I didn’t choose Elves, again?

Yeah, he’s just moving around, checking things out. Don’t worry, he is friendly. He enjoys pets, and hugs, and piles of gold and mana.

No, why didn’t you produce more elven troops in the last game? How did tigrans win you over?

There are 3 humanoids milling nearby who can promise piles and piles of gold and mana. Do not trust them. They looked like scoundrels to me.

I was interested in exploring the use of stealthy units.

It’s not fun when a 3-unit marauder army (of Scoundrels, no less!) is en route to one’s capital and one has only one defending unit. Oh, how I wish AoW3 had Planetfall’s garrison system.

I misclicked again and lost another unit. Too used to Chaos Reborn and Antihero! Old habits die hard.

Yeah, I’ve lost a couple of my starting units while trying to clear sites. Goblins are unfortunately pretty fragile little blighters.

Dang it. I clicked host, but I meant to attack some brigands (My hero could have attacked, backed up by my other troops). Well, either they attack my capital, and I lose, or they don’t, and I can do it next turn.

I clicked host?

As in, host my turn. I was cycling through my units, and I meant to go back to my main army, and break them up, but I forgot I had already moved the army (I had one slow moving unit in the bunch). So, when I was on auto pilot, just clicking on the next action necessary. Which was host/end turn.

Any turn when I don’t lose units is a good turn in my book. Not having any fights usually helps.

I think you have to lose both your throne city and your leader to lose the game.

That’s why I like dwarves so much.

Another turn of tough decisions and no action. @BloodyBattleBrain, what would you expect to see in a multiplayer game on turn 15? Please keep in mind that we started with weak forces.

Have I mentioned how much I hate Halfings and their #*$^% Luck? No one can convince me that damn passive procs only 10% of the time at white morale. Math lies!

Oh, Halflings are great. Just be in a terrain and weather they hate, and then watch them die.

Not sure whether it’s my turn or not but, either way, I can’t login into the Triumph servers.

Yeah, the server is still down. I wonder what is happening?

Yeah I think it’s my turn, but I haven’t been able to log in for the last couple days

Were you naughty boys lately? I can see that it’s @Thraeg’s turn.