aow pbem game

Regarding the battle with Halflings that led to my Leader’s death, I noticed three of the four Halflings were able to attack my Leader at range on their first turn. All three of them hit with all of their attacks, including the chicken toss attack, which had only a 15% chance of hitting. So my Leader was down to 26 HPs (from 100% HPs) before I could do anything. The RNG really screwed me in that battle.

Halfings for the win!

But you’re not defeated just yet are you, just a temporary setback.

Yeah, although my research pauses while my Leader is partying in the Void.

The game has stalled, with the last turn taken 6 days ago. What’s the word, BBB?

I noticed that too. Hopefully everyone is doing okay.

Mea culpa.

I went to Tenerife for a short break. I didn’t expect the turn to arrive so quickly.

Turn played.

Halfing Farmers are…evil.

No worries. I saw you were traveling (based on your comments in a different thread, if I remember correctly), so I waited until today to ping this thread (yesterday was a holiday for us).

I’m still floating in the Void, so I’m in no hurry!

What’s the mod we’re supposed to have again? Just set up a new computer and can’t find it in the other thread for some reason.

When I get home I’ll link it.

Should say something like pbem tournament.

Also, if you try joining the game and you are missing the mod, I think the game warns you and tells you what mod.

Since I’m already home…

PBEM & Single player Balance Mod 1.28 Tournament Edition

My work is done. I shall now rest.

Thanks. Got it set up and took my turn.

Got some good stuff and some bad stuff happening.

Turn played.

Met someone, interesting.

My situation is…precarious.

But could end up very very good in time.

And, I got my first quest. And it looks like it might be helpful.

I’m finally back from the Void. Timeout sucked!

Ran across a few spawned raiders, so I had to put them down. Can’t have them pillaging the countryside. I’m such a do-gooder.

Turn played. Finally something resembling momentum.

Not much happened for me this turn. Got to find some creatures to kill.

Maybe it’s time to build a few cities?

Turn played and sent.

Turn submitted. By the way, is there a way to check on quests? I have one, but I don’t know how to check how long I have left.

Click “Overview Panel” icon in the top left corner, The leftmost tab in the panel, “Quests”, lists them.