aow pbem game

Thanks. Got it set up and took my turn.

Got some good stuff and some bad stuff happening.

Turn played.

Met someone, interesting.

My situation is…precarious.

But could end up very very good in time.

And, I got my first quest. And it looks like it might be helpful.

I’m finally back from the Void. Timeout sucked!

Ran across a few spawned raiders, so I had to put them down. Can’t have them pillaging the countryside. I’m such a do-gooder.

Turn played. Finally something resembling momentum.

Not much happened for me this turn. Got to find some creatures to kill.

Maybe it’s time to build a few cities?

Turn played and sent.

Turn submitted. By the way, is there a way to check on quests? I have one, but I don’t know how to check how long I have left.

Click “Overview Panel” icon in the top left corner, The leftmost tab in the panel, “Quests”, lists them.

I believe its my turn.

It’ll be played and sent by tonight.

Busy turn for me. Fought off an indy attack (thereby completing a quest!), liberated a couple indy sites, and showed mercy to an indy army. Also, I’m really liked! That’s just swell, by golly!

Played my turn, finally getting some momentum :).

So it’s actually momentum this time, not something resembling it? You are one to watch, Mr. Smooth Talker!

And all done. Stupid peaceful indie units!

I met a couple of exploring nations, accepting a peace offer from one and extending one to another. Let us all live in peace while the land is untamed!


After a rough start, I think I got the hang of it. Next turn, I should be completing a quest given to me.

@Valambrian: You have an NPC vassal town in my backyard. I have no quarrel with you, but am disinclined to just leave it there in striking distance of my capital. Would you be open to a payment of say, 200 gold and a minor artifact to relinquish your claim to it?

Ahh the negotiations begin :)